Viral Jett Exploit Results In Riot Games Removing Split From VALORANT

Viral Jett Exploit Results In Riot Games Removing Split From VALORANT
Riot Games

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Jack Marsh


9th Jun 2022 10:35

Even though Jett's dash may have been nerfed into the ground and tailored toward clever VALORANT players rather than gung-ho maniacs, it hasn't stopped the duelist from becoming even more annoying. Instead of having her fly through the skies at every convenience, Jett mains have been forced to find some initiative. 

To no surprise, this has made players go over the top to find ways of using her kit to their advantage. Some VALORANT fans have now gone to find above and beyond ways of using Jett's dash to avoid being placed in positions where she cannot escape... and it's broken the game.

Having seen an exploit - that can only be achieved by using her flying powers - Riot Games has been forced to remove one map from the competitive playlists.

Why Has Split Been Removed From VALORANT?

Taking to social media, the VALORANT developers revealed that Split has been removed from the Competitive queue due to a "map exploit". 

Despite not going into detail as to which exploit this is targeting, a recent clip began gaining traction of an exploit within "heaven" - a call out that connects the B site to the middle of the map.

Using Jett's double jump, players could manoeuvre from on top of the box to land above the wall lights, which is a clear non-intended position. The vantage point gives a secret line of sight down the ropes and across the whole room, as few enemy players will think of checking the ceiling for kills.

The exploit, which has actually been in the game for quite some time, was made popular on Reddit on June 8. It's left Riot Games with no option but to take Split away from the map rotation.


Will Split Return To VALORANT?

Amid rumours that a new map is in the works, VALORANT players have recently been debating whether the map pool is growing too much, and have called for one specific arena to be axed if the new one comes into play soon. 

According to leaks from Mike "Valorleaks" and "Cynprel" respectively, the new "Pitt" map will be set in Lisbon, Portugal, and could land as soon as Episode 5's release. However, Split isn't the poor arena in the firing line for VALORANT players, meaning its removal is just pure coincidence. Should any map be axed, your eyes might be diverted to Bind...

Adding security to Split, Riot Games did add, "You'll hear from us as soon as it [Split] returns," confirming that once the exploit is patched, Split will be added back into the map rotation.

Next time you find a savvy Jett hideout, you might want to keep it to yourself, otherwise, the entire map pool might be pulled, leaving you to be marooned to the training yard.

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