VCT partnered teams made over $10 million from LOCK//IN bundle

VCT partnered teams made over $10 million from LOCK//IN bundle
Riot Games

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Jack Marsh


8th Mar 2023 16:53

The esports scene in VALORANT has been quite the driving factor for Riot Games' flashy tactical FPS game, with professional players and streamers pioneering the scene with new and exciting metas to play.

Having become icons to thousands, or even millions, of players worldwide, fans often get the chance to crowdfund for the competitive players competing in the VALORANT Champions Tour circuit, with the first instance being seen with the Champs 2021 bundle in-game.

By purchasing specific bundles in VALORANT, the profits would be shared between the developers and the qualified teams, and now the latest opportunity for players to support their teams has resulted in a whopping $10 million influx.

VCT LOCK//IN Bundle generated $10million for attending teams

To coincide with the VCT 2023 LOCK//IN event in Sao Paulo, fans have been able to purchase a collection of knives, stickers, and banners in-game that sport their chosen region's colour and theme.

Now, Riot Games has revealed that over $10 million was raised for the teams through the LOCK//IN Bundle sales.

Half of the proceedings would fall in the pockets of the 32 attending teams for the VCT LOCK//IN 2023, meaning the total sales actually came in at over $20 million. The bundle has now been removed from the store, as of March 7.

VALORANT esports crowdfunding now surpasses $35million

The new $10 million figure from the LOCK//IN bundle now tips the scales over the $35 million mark since the first bundle was launched in 2021.

The Champions Bundle 2021 generated $9.36 million for the attending teams, and the Champions Bundle 2022 added another $16 million into the mix. 

Fnatic, KRU Esports, Team Liquid, and FURIA will be the biggest beneficiaries of the crowdfunding, having attended all three events so far.

It's likely that Riot will continue to support the teams with a new Masters Tokyo bundle and another Champions range for the remaining two events of the 2023 VALORANT esports circuit.

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