VAR might be coming to EA FC in future releases

VAR might be coming to EA FC in future releases
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Jack Marsh


2nd Jan 2024 14:37

Although it feels like the entire footballing world wants VAR scrapped - or at least in countries such as England with the Premier League, they want the system modified to be more like that used in the Champions League or other sports - the Video Assistant Referee is here to stay.

Given that it is likely that VAR will stay in football forever, would now be the right time for it to begin being used in games too?

Well, after being added to Football Manager last year, EA is now hinting at its arrival in the EA FC (FIFA) series too, as early as FC 25.

EA hints at VAR in FC 25

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Speaking in an interview with 3DJuegos LATAM, EA FC producer Samuel Rivera has confirmed that VAR is something that the developers want to add.

"Of course we would like to have the VAR. This is simply what I say and it is a very direct answer.

"Until now, we have had other features that we have preferred to invest in than VAR. But of course, it's still there, and it's something that you will definitely see at some point."

The technology likely wouldn't change the game too much, but could serve as an ample addition to the replays on tight off-side calls or penalty decisions.

The only question left is "when?" Unfortunately, Riveria didn't offer much of a time frame, although it does sound like something that they are keen to add and could be ready to go, come FC 25 later in 2024.

How would VAR work in EA FC 25?

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Over in Football Manager, VAR has been implemented to begin adding a bit of spice to splitting decisions.

"I think it also depends on the game mode you're playing. If you are in something more realistic, in Career mode, it does make sense to have some mechanics there around VAR," he said, before claiming that it might not be suitable for competitive online modes where fans want the game to feel more like an arcade simulator rather than a realistic grind.

So, fear not about having your Ultimate Team Champs record besmirched with offside controversies at the hands of VAR, but Career Mode might begin to profit from some more real-life features.

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