Valve’s new trademark confirms Counter-Strike: Source 2

Valve’s new trademark confirms Counter-Strike: Source 2

Written by 

Jack Marsh


20th Mar 2023 16:53

It appears to be exciting times if you're a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan, as the rumours of another game in the series might have just been matched with some concrete evidence.

Although we've recently seen some downplaying of a new Counter-Strike game come in the way of an outright denial of its existence from CS:GO legend S1mple, the anticipation of an official announcement continues to ramp up.

Now, new material has been found that might just confirm Source 2, as Valve has just trademarked a quite damning strapline.

Valve trademark 'CS2' amid Source 2 rumours

With Counter-Strike: Source 2 supposedly being the game that Valve looks to be working on - rejigging the pre-existing maps alongside making significant performance upgrades - Valve has been busy making trademarks.

Valve has reportedly trademarked "Counter Strike" (note the hyphen has been removed) and "CS2" with the latter clearly being an indication of Source 2 or a CS:GO sequel.

The trademark applications were put in place on March 14, showing that they are new, and not pre-existing ones from deleted titles gone by.

Valve's 'CS2' Trademark could indicate an announcement is pending

So far, there's been no official announcement about Source 2, although a multitude of high-profile journalists have confirmed its existence and even detailed plan for its integration. This includes the carrying-over of skin lines and its rich economy. 

But with the CS2 trademark now being processed, it could mean that the newly-branded game could be announced as soon as the trademark is accepted. 

Among the other trademarks from Valve, you can also find the "Source" application from June 2004, which was just three months before Source was rolled out to the public.

Reports suggest that many high-profile players have already been involved in playtests, and a release of Counter-Strike: Source 2 could come later in 2023.

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