S1mple claims CS:GO 2 rumours are a social media ruse

S1mple claims CS:GO 2 rumours are a social media ruse
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Jack Marsh


14th Mar 2023 17:42

Rumours have it that Counter-Strike: Source 2 is on its way. Many reputable sources have claimed as much, while files have been found that detail a Source sequel is imminent.

Yet the greatest player of all time isn't convinced. 21-time-tournament-MVP winner and three-time CS:GO Player of the Year holder Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyljev has taken to social media to downplay Source 2's existence.

As someone you'd definitely expect to be in the know, s1mple claims that it doesn't exist yet and everything leaked so far has been "bait."

S1mple claims CS:GO 2 rumours are 'bait'

Many of the rumours surrounding Source 2 are detailing that notable CS:GO players and veterans of the scene are being recruited to play in beta tests.

However, according to s1mple - who is dubbed the best player in the world - he hasn't played Source 2 and it doesn't even exist, yet.

Talking on Instagram, the 27-year-old Ukrainian reportedly said, "there is no CSGO 2 (YET). Developers didn't give anyone any beta versions, it was a huge bait from players and streamers".

Of course, s1mple wouldn't actually be able to speak about the project if he had already played the game, given that any playtesters would have signed NDAs until an official announcement is made from Valve.

Source 2 leaks ramp up with new CS:GO pre-release branch

S1mple's comments come just days after some rather dubious looks from CS:GO veteran Finn "karrigan" Andersen when in earshot of some potential Source 2 changes and fixes, all of which could be part of his "bait" theory.

More interestingly, some solid information about Source 2 has now arisen, as a new CS:GO pre-release branch has been added to Steam, which all but confirms its existence.

S1mple's comments might be a ruse itself, as the influential figure could be teasing his fans and trying to time a well-placed smokescreen for a flank opportunity from Valve to announce their arrival on the Source 2 site.

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