VALORANT's new Oni Katana weapon is being dubbed as 'pay to lose'

VALORANT's new Oni Katana weapon is being dubbed as 'pay to lose'
Riot Games

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Jack Marsh


9th Mar 2023 16:31

At what cost does looking cool come at in VALORANT? Is it worth a hefty chunk from your wallet? Can you even sacrifice your life in important rounds just to flex a sword?

Well, that appears to be the question that VALORANT devils are now dancing with.

VALORANT's newest katana skin is making quite the wave in the community due to its pretty riveting appearance, but while it looks to be one of the best aesthetics yet, it's being dubbed as "pay to lose".

Oni 2.0 Katana is one of the most expensive VALROANT items ever

As part of the Oni 2.0 bundle, the Katana stems from the ancient Japanese samurai weapon. The long and slightly curved blade has been adapted in typical VALORANT fashion though, dip-dyed in an oozing eerie holograph. 

In some pop culture versions of the sword, a Katana claims the souls of the people it kills, and this theme also appears to be the same, as the skin also flashes the eyes of a demonic figure in its unsheathing animation.

However, the Katana is actually one of VALORANT's most expensive items, priced at a whopping 5,350 VP as an individual skin. Only the Waveform - a melee weapon from the Zedd collaboration - matches this value.

There's no denying how incredible the skin looks, but aside from its price tag, players also have some reservations about its practicality.

VALORANT Katana is being labelled as 'pay to lose'

After its eye-watering value emerged, players have now second-guessed their choice to buy the skin, and have noticed that it also has gameplay flaws.

With its length, the Katana might actually give away player positions. Whether the weapon is in your hand or on your back, its sheer length could be visible from certain angles that a knife wouldn't be, and in a game of such precision, this could be the difference between dying and surviving; winning and losing.

Other people also noticed that its length will also be a giveaway when jump-peaking, and given that it will be visible quicker than a melee knife would, it gives enemies more time to react, which is lethal against a well-placed Operator. 

Some players have now called on Riot to change the 3D model of the Katana in-game, or sheath it closer to the body parallel with Agents' legs.

Until then though, you might now have to reconsider buying the most expensive VALORANT skin ever...

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