VALORANT's latest weapon skin bundle looks too familiar for Counter-Strike players

VALORANT's latest weapon skin bundle looks too familiar for Counter-Strike players
Images courtesy of Riot Games.

Written by 

Jack Marsh


12th Apr 2023 18:22

VALORANT and Counter-Strike have just begun to live harmoniously together in the tactical shooter space.

But with the sequel to the long-standing, much more beige game on the horizon, tensions between the communities have begun to appear.

Now though, VALORANT has stirred the pot even more and appears to have borrowed some of Counter-Strike's weapon skins and added them to the game as their new reactive bundle.

VALORANT's Black Market pack looks too familiar

VALORANT's latest premium skin line, named Black Market, has been revealed to arrive on April 12, but just as some eyes are already diverted back to Counter-Strike and its sequel, it seems that Riot has sneakily copied the best weapons CS has to offer and used them in their new range.

The Black Market bundle will swap designs depending on which side you're playing on (attack or defence), which is the big selling point here, but instead of the typically VALORANT-like fire-breathing dragons as weapon skins, they've opted for a refined wooden coating, much akin to Valve's guns.

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The bundle will contain five guns in total, all of which look exactly like their CS alternatives:

  • The Vandal looks like the AK-47
  • The Bulldog looks like the FAMAS
  • The Marshal looks like the Scout 
  • The Classic looks like the Glock-18
  • The knife looks like the butterfly knife

While the weapons have often felt very similar, this is likely to be a big surprise to people hopping into Riot's shooter from CS:GO.

VALORANT fans confused at paying $80 for Counter-Strike guns

While the price of the Black Market bundle in VALORANT has yet to have been revealed, it's likely that this premium skin range will be priced between $16-$23 (the staple price for this kind of skin) per weapon.

Together, the five guns could cost up to $80, which, considering you can use them on CS:GO for free, is quite the eye-watering amount.

"Riot can keep their gimmick, probably gonna cost 1775 or 2175 VP and have no finisher," said one fan on Reddit.

"I mean guess it's fine, but I can't justify paying money for generic skins for weapons I've used in every FPS shooter for the last 20 years," said another.

The skin range does seem to be quite a hit with fans though, given it differs from the usual flashy design that we've become accustomed to.

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