Valve confirms Counter-Strike 2, launching Summer 2023

Valve confirms Counter-Strike 2, launching Summer 2023
Images: Valve

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Joseph Kime


22nd Mar 2023 16:49

Valve has been hard at work making life for Counter-Strike fans hugely frustrating with teases for a new project. They're good at it, to be fair to them.

The series has long been dormant, with CS:GO being the main hub for fans to gravitate to, despite earning immensely limited support from Valve. Players have stayed engaged in spite of its support issues, and new teases have indicated that a new era of Counter-Strike is right around the corner.

And now, we have an official confirmation that that era is finally here.

Valve finally confirms Counter-Strike 2

Valve has finally revealed Counter-Strike 2 by sharing videos for players to learn the game's tricks on their YouTube channel.

The videos, titled Responsive Smokes, Levelling Up The World and Moving Beyond Tick Rate help to give players a look at some of the new features of the tactical game, as well as giving them hints as to how the game is played.

Not only has the game been officially revealed, but we've also been given an official release window.

The videos have confirmed that the game will be launching in the Summer of 2023, meaning that we don't have very long at all to wait until we can dive into the game and everything it has in store for players.

The Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test is out now

The game has also been announced to have a full limited test, which has launched already, and invites are being sent out to players of CS:GO games imminently.

Nobody knows the parameters that Valve is using to pick playtesters, but those who are selected will be receiving a notification on the Home screen of CS:GO.

The teases for the game's arrival have finally come to a head, and fans couldn't be happier about it. This is a huge deal, and we can't wait to see what's in store for the game.

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