There's no smoke without fire

09:39, 28 Jul 2020

The smoke is clearing as players have discovered a sneaky VALORANT  hack that allows you to see through the smog.

Yep, that crafty Omen is back with another glitch that is helping some players and causing others to scream in rage. It looks like Riot Games could have a "riot" on its hands.

Only a few months ago, VALORANT rolled out its Ascent map and Omen’s Dark Cover ability exposed a game-changing flaw where he could see through walls. Just when everyone thought the shadowy agent was fixed, he's back to cause more problems.

Posting on YouTube, Derick Booth's "Broken Omen Mechanic" has racked up an impressive number of likes. It seems they aren't alone in finding this VALORANT smoke hack. One viewer wrote, "Yeah I remember this happened to me in split yesterday and I thought it was weird but I didn't notice that our omen was in front. I saw the enemy raze through the omen smoke and thought it was weird lol".

Pulling off the manoeuvre is fairly easy if timing is spot on. When your team heads into a smoked area, get Omen to start his Shrouded Step animation, and if you've done it right, you should be able to see right through him and the smoke. As the video showed, the team was able to take out a rival player through the smoke before they even knew they were doomed.

VALORANT smoke hack

When the video was shared on Reddit, one Redditor claimed they'd discovered this VALORANT smoke hack while ago and that their comment keeps being deleted. 

If this is the case, it means Riot Games has known about the bug, but done nothing to fix it yet. For the time being, the Omen glitch can come in handy to give your side an advantage. That being said, imagine the frustration of being on the receiving end of an Omen snipe through a cloud of smoke.

It's important to remember VALORANT's strict policy against cheats, and while making the most of Omen's smoke sneak might seem like a quick fix to win a match, it could also lead to a ban. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Images via Riot Games| YouTube Derick Booth

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