Using a mouse with five extra buttons, a VALORANT player was able to overcome the loss of his hand.

13:21, 14 Oct 2020

VALORANT is a game of patience and precision, requiring keyboard and mouse to circulate around the map while using a range of abilities. MnK often requires both hands, however, one jaw-dropping VALORANT player has showcased how they've overcome only having one hand - still being able to rise through the ranks.

Tanmay "BionicGamer" is a Reddit user who shared clips of his advanced technology and muscle memory helping him play VALORANT, with his right hand and an amputated left arm. Dubbed a "transhumanist" in the comments, users have been in complete awe of the user, who has even managed to earn Silver 1 on ranked. 

The beauty comes in the keybinds and mouse controls which he's adopted. By using the Logitech G402 mouse that has an extra 5 buttons on it compared to a standard mouse, BionicGamer was able to bind all of his commands to his right hand and uses the stump for movement. "Over the years my nub has developed excellent muscle memory to hit these exact keys without looking" he states in the description, meaning that he can use the movement keys with ease and his multiple controls on his mouse to get kills.

Hi! I’m a congenital amputee and this is how I play Valorant on PC with one arm and a stump! More details in the comments :) from r/VALORANT

Tanmay added "Using my stump on the keyboard always feels like a ball rolling on different keys close to each other. Whenever I start playing a new game, I always try to configure most of the keys in a small radius," before adding, "I have the Logitech G402 mouse that has 5 extra buttons on the side that can be configured to whichever keys you want. It gives me incredible control over complex games like Fortnite, Valorant, etc. and I can call myself a semi-pro player!".

Reddit users have lept to praise Tanmay and his innovation, and even offered advice on more advanced mouse designs alongside how changing his sensitivity could help. In the future, Tanmay may look to "get foot pedals", which could add even more freedom to his controls - although his ultimate goal is to have a fully functioning bionic arm. The VALORANT player has a Go Fund Me page, which aims to raise money toward a bionic arm, which will help him excel in games and his career as a graphic designer.

Whilst placed in Silver 1, BionicGamers' feat is nothing short of spectacular, showing that gaming has no boundaries.


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Image via Riot Games

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