V Rising Lets You Sparkle Like Edward Cullen In Twilight

V Rising Lets You Sparkle Like Edward Cullen In Twilight
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24th May 2022 13:57

Blimey, vampires are on their way back. It's about damn time. Alongside the potential of an upcoming Nosferatu film from Robert Eggers and the ongoing success of What We Do In The Shadows, vampires are really coming back in style. They've even made their debut in the battle royale in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt. Notice that we didn't include Morbius in that list of examples.

Either way, the undead are on their way back, and we can't stop them no matter how hard many may try. A lot of this apprehension is brought on by Twilight - the young adult Vampire romance turned global phenomenon that proved… divisive. And now, one Vampire game seems to be paying homage to the series that pulled the classic monsters away from sheer terror for better or worse.

How Do You Sparkle In V Rising?

Vampire game V Rising has already had a great launch over on Steam, and now, seems to be gearing up to add a brand-new feature that could make your custom vampire much more reminiscent of a familiar one from Tinsel Town.

YouTuber Demone Kim has dug around in the game's files to find that a new gear set could let you sparkle just like Edward Cullen. When you've playing a gothic shooter, twinkling like Twilight might not be a top priority, but there's sure to be a niche market.

The set of armour is aptly named the Twilight armour set. It allows the player to be "immune to sun damage," which is pretty useful as a vampire - but as a side effect, it means you'll twinkle in the sun like you're RPatz. Cute!


What Is V Rising About?

V Rising follows you as a weakened vampire after a centuries-long sleep, and sees you hunt to survive, build a castle, transform your human victims into servants, and fend off intruders in a Gothic world that will become your playground.

The game is already smashing it on Steam, with a "Very Positive" response from users since launching in early access on May 17 - so who knows, maybe this could become the next big vampire title we've been waiting for? Where's the Pattinson cameo?


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