‘Unplayable’ Arkham Knight gets torn apart on Switch

‘Unplayable’ Arkham Knight gets torn apart on Switch
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Joseph Kime


5th Dec 2023 17:20

Even though it's been a number of years since we spent some time with the Arkham Knight himself, it was nice to see that he was gearing up to step onto the Switch. Rocksteady's Arkham games are some serious cult classics, arguably laying the groundwork for Marvel's Spider-Man to crush it on the PlayStation.

The Dark Knight's adventures across a dingy Arkham were a real treat to play through, making it pretty exciting that they'd be coming to Nintendo's flagship console, especially as they weren't joining the cloud-based- trend that many game collections on the system have done.

Sadly, it feels as though the Arkham games should have been cloud titles on the Switch, with some branding the Arkham Knight third of the Arkham Trilogy as "unplayable." 

Arkham Trilogy on Switch "never should have shipped"

Batman in key art for Arkham Asylum.
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New reports from players of the Arkham Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch are claiming that the game is a total mess, barely running at all.

The first big claim of this has come from a Eurogamer, as Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter claims that "Lighting is savagely downgraded, texture quality is a total mess, shadows take a trip back to PS2 era standards and geometry is culled."

The less than glowing review continues, "Arkham Knight routinely fails to hit its 30 frames per second target, often lingering in the low to mid-20s but worse than that is the pervasive stuttering problem." It's not a good look, especially as the trilogy started over ten years ago.

Making things worse, there are more graphically intensive games that are able to run on the Switch without taking such a hit. For some, it's telling of just how lazy a port this trilogy comes off as.

Fans disagree Arkham Trilogy on Switch

Though these claims are pretty compelling and easy to make sense of, there are players out there who seem to disagree.

There are many who've taken to Reddit to speak on the trilogy as a package, and plenty who have picked up the Switch version and love it. They sat that even though there are downgrades, the collection is far from the weak release that Eurogamer claims it is. 

"They're good ports, even Arkham Knight, it seems even though the graphics are massively scaled down," says one user. "Arkham City and Asylum are virtually untouched from how they were on Xbox 360." "I'm currently playing Arkham City on the Switch and it runs really well," adds another.

The jury seems to still be out on if the port is any good, so it looks like it might be a "try it yourself" deal. Be warned, we advise you to proceed with caution because Joker could be getting the last laugh here.

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