Uncharted remake reportedly on the way for Sony

Uncharted remake reportedly on the way for Sony
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5th Feb 2024 14:55

2023 was quite the year for Sony's greatest IPs, with The Last of Us becoming a hit sensation on HBO, Spider-Man webbing onto every console in the world, and God of War's DLC coming in strong to revitalise the game entirely.

But 2024 could be even better.  We've already got more to come from Sony, with its influence in the Marvel universe blessing us with Wolverine, and now, it appears another Sony special is on the cards. Reports suggest Uncharted is getting the TLOU treatment.

Reports suggest an Uncharted Remake is in development

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Uncharted and TLOU already have some similarities in the way Sony has looked after the franchises, given that both blockbuster video game series have ended up attracting Hollywood's top-calibre actors to portray TV and film adaptations of the respective stories.

Now, following TLOU 2's remaster, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is reportedly getting a complete remake. Popular gaming show XboxEra claimed as much on its Rumour Mill segment, where hosts Nick "Shpeshal Nick" Baker and Jon "Sikamikanico" Clarke both reiterated that they had separate sources who relayed the information that an Uncharted 1 remake is on the way, being "built from the ground up".

Both Nick and Jon claim that the leaks and rumours they have received are "quite old" though, being a number of years in the making. The fact these leaks are seemingly old, it could douse our hopes that the title is coming back, especially as Naughty Dog said it was done with Uncharted.

Leakers find 'evidence' of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remake

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Following the rumours from XboxEra, one leaker has now taken to social media to post their "evidence" of the Uncharted remake. Leaker "Speclizer" claimed that there are "hundreds" of datamined in-game files from TLOU 2 which directly reference Uncharted, and more specifically, point to the plane crash scene at the start of Uncharted 1.

Neither party, XboxEra or Speclizer, could confirm whether this was still in development or whether it started being made and was later put on the back burner. Still, there seem to be some strong links between the two, which suggests Sony is flirting with the Uncharted series again.

Jack Marsh
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