TwitchCon Security Guard Slams 'Verbally Abusive' Attendees

TwitchCon Security Guard Slams 'Verbally Abusive' Attendees

Written by 

Jack Marsh


12th Oct 2022 16:25

Who knew that a meet-and-greet showcase could have gone so wrong? Having been hindered by the global pandemic over the past three years, TwitchCon 2022 came as the first opportunity for fans around the globe to meet their beloved streamers and personalities in real life. However, the critics have since poured in, and now, even more problems are piling up.

Twitch has already been plunged into hot water following a foam pit incident where ex-adult video star turned Twitch streamer Adriana Chechik broke her back in two places and had to undergo surgery to have a rod implant put in place to support her recovery.

Now, it appears that even more trouble has been unearthed, as a video has circulated of a security guard explaining the verbal abuse and rule negligence that reportedly occurred through the San Diego event.

TwitchCon Security Guard Explains How She Was Verbally Abused By Attendees

With the event closing, one streamer interviewed a security guard, who opened up by saying "thank god" that the TwitchCon was over.

"These people that come to this thing were so verbally abusive. They were terrible," she added. "They cussed us out".

The interview, which has surfaced on Reddit thanks to "jaystreazy", has now had over 4,000 upvotes and 300 comments.


TwitchCon Security Guard Accuses "Socially Awkward" Attendees 

The TwitchCon guard recalled one instance where fans were apparently abusive because they were told that they cannot run up the downwards-facing escalator - which doesn't seem to be a rule worthy of much disagreement.

She also detailed how some fans threw a tantrum and began being verbally abusive when they were denied access to the concert which other fans either paid for or had passes to attend. It was also more than just this specific security guard too, as she detailed that co-workers had many similar altercations with fans attending TwitchCon San Diego.

It does appear that Twitch themselves, as staff, were "lovely," however, the attendees and rules behind the event have resulted in a number of verbal assaults. Behavioural issues with fans on Twitch have risen significantly in recent weeks, with racist remarks made to streamers like Darren "iShowSpeed" Watkins. 

Then again, there have been worrying reports of staff being ableist toward disabled attendees, so it seems like there are stories coming from both sides. With broken backs, massive queues, and concerning tales across the board, it was hardly the TwitchCon organisers were hoping for. 

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