Treyarch is apparently making big promises with Black Ops 6 Zombies

Treyarch is apparently making big promises with Black Ops 6 Zombies
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Jack Marsh


24th May 2024 14:15

Arguably, the most anticipated part of the next generation of Call of Duty games is the return of Zombies. Well, proper Zombies, not whatever was in Modern Warfare 3 and Vanguard. 

The undead are set to be reanimated once again as Treyarch takes control of the Call of Duty series again with Black Ops 6, having already been open about pouring resources into the game mode.

So, with the resurrected rising again, Treyarch and the army who will fight against them are already claiming that Zombies will be "off the charts" in Black Ops 6.

Black Ops 6 Zombies is reportedly 'off the charts' Zombies

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After four years, round-based Zombies will return, continuing the storyline from Cold War's Die Maschine, Forsaken, Mauer Der Toten, and Firebase Z.

With that, one Black Ops 6 play tester under the alias of "Nicole Cringe" has now promised that a "set crew" will be coming back (possibly eluding to the answer of "what is Modern Warfare 3's top secret collab?"), and that Treyarch has been "cooking".

Taking to Twitter, Nicole said, "Can't wait for you guys to see what's been cooking!!! Obviously can't say much [because] of NDAs but oh my god the story we've crafted this year for Zombies is off the charts."

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The account appears to have at least played some part in the story and claims that the Operator system will also be rather indifferent. Of course, these leaks come with quite a large pinch of salt, as the account also pretends to be a voice actress, which calls into question the legitimacy of the reports.

But at face value, Black Ops 6 Zombies appears to be "cooking", and the fandom could be feasting on the most tasty dish of rotted flesh yet.

Jack Marsh
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