Trans Guardians Of The Galaxy Dev Thanks Eidos-Montreal For Supporting Her

Trans Guardians Of The Galaxy Dev Thanks Eidos-Montreal For Supporting Her
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28th Oct 2021 12:35

The sci-fi spectacle that is Eidos-Montreal's Guardians of the Galaxy continues to impress. Based on the team of space rogues from the comics, the game is clearly learning from the mistakes of Square Enix's Avengers in a number of ways. If you want a heart-warming story, a transgender dev has thanked Eidos-Montreal for mentioning her in the credits.

Looking at Marvel Comics, the Guardians of the Galaxy have always been a progressive offshoot. Members like Moondragon, Phyla-Vell, and even Star-Lord all fit under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. As the industry continues to adapt and LGBTQ+ characters start appearing in everything from Rainbow Six to Battlefield 2042, Cloé Veilleux is flying the pink, white, and blue flag for Eidos.

What Has The Trans Guardians Of The Galaxy Dev Said?

Posting on Twitter, Veilleux explained that although she left Eidos-Montreal over a year ago, she was still credited on Guardians of the Galaxy. Veilleux legally changed her name just 10 days before leaving Eidos-Montreal, so she was surprised to see she was correctly credited at the end of the game. 

Speaking to Eurogamer, Veilleux said, "It makes me feel like there was a conscious decision to keep my name in that role, and I do not know who I have to thank for this. I expected little, and was given a lot more recognition. It certainly made me happy to see that."

Discussing her journey, Veilleux added, "The vast majority of the time I was there, I was Deadname, and not even out to myself. Seeing my name there in this screenshot was an unexpected surprise."

Is The Industry Changing For Trans Devs?

While the industry was once stereotyped by a macho-dominated subculture, there are least conversations surrounding the transgender community. Even though there's still a long way to go and a lot of toxicity, it's refreshing to see a story like Veilleux's.

With her tweet going viral, Veilleux extended her thanks beyond her former employer. "I really never expected this Tweet to be shared across the globe", she said. "Thousands of people, most of them devs, liking or retweeting it, from studios all over? This is crazy!"

"I have only good things to say about this industry,. During my years at Eidos is when I came out to myself, and then to the whole studio (after agreeing on a plan with HR). I have been supported by everyone from the start, and I began my transition there and then, pretty much bringing everyone with me on this journey (rather than wait a year or two before changing my presentation).

"It couldn't have been easy for everyone, and I know I had many allies who took my defense when I was off-camera. One of the benefits of forming meaningful relationships with your coworkers."

Responding to the original tweet, others praised Eidos-Montreal for getting things right in terms of accessibility. In an era that franchises like Call of Duty are still dogged by complaints about a lack of diversity, the Guardians of the Galaxy roadmap could be one to follow. As for Veilleux, she's now Senior Technical Designer at Relic.


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