Torment believes Version1 can replicate iconic Cloud9 team

Torment believes Version1 can replicate iconic Cloud9 team
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Jack Marsh


3rd Jul 2022 10:43

Kyle "Torment" Storer is a professional that defines its namesake. While he may not play up for the cameras and has a playstyle that epitomises cohesiveness rather than flamboyancy, there's no denying that the North American stalwart has escalated himself to arguably one of the best players the region has ever seen.

Having been an integral part of one of the most influential rosters of Rocket League esports' early generation, Torment has since been the rock that Version1 has built its team around. But unlike his previous ventures, instant success was not part of the script, as V1 toyed with many different playstyles and quickly became tormented by the lack of progress with multiple players.

However, the amethyst-stained Minneapolis-based organisation has now broken through the tough wall that separated the upper echelons from the bubble pack. Having already improved on their fifth/sixth finish in the Winter Major, by securing a top three placing (minimum) at the Spring Major in London, Torment now believes the roster has something special and could replicate the success that he saw during the iconic Cloud9 days.

"This is my favourite team I've played on," Torment told us during a post-match conference, shortly after beating Karmine Corp and booking their place in the Upper Bracket Grand Finals. 

"We're all still pretty new, working together for three months, so it's quite hard to compare to a three-year Cloud9 run, but I think we can definitely compete for titles like I did back then," he continued. 

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The feeling at Version1 seems to be at an all-time high, as the roster continues to feed off the energy of their fans and rally behind Torment's complimentary play style. Even head coach Jayson "Fireburner" Nunez was full of praise for Torment, dubbing him as a "top three or four" player of all time in NA following a question from Slybae at ShiftRLE.

"It feels good. It's taken a while to get back, but it feels great," Torment added.


Version1 is now in a comfortable position to become the Spring Split Major champions, with Team Falcons lying in their wait. 

Having seen the possibility of either Falcons or Spacestation Gaming arise when they knocked Karmine Corp down to the lower bracket, the roster identified Falcons as their favourite choice, given their international calibre.

A vocally unanimous decision from Torment, Fireburner Robert "Comm" Kyser and Landon "BeastMode" Konerman was made when asked who they'd like to face in their penultimate game. 

"We've beat three EU teams to get here and I think we fare well against other regions," claimed Torment. "We've scrimmed Falcons and seen how they play and I think we're pretty confident going up against them. It was a fun series in scrims so I think it will be a good match."

With Comm adopting the role of pantomime villain at the Spring Split Major, Version1 could now take home its first Rocket League esports championship just days after celebrating the three-year anniversary of being founded. 

Taking on Team Falcons first, the Copper Box awaits the boos for Comm and cheers for MENA's record-breaking roster, in a spectacle that will surely live up to the hype.

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