After looking like developers had banished it, the dreaded Call of Duty: Warzone stim glitch might've returned.

10:31, 23 Feb 2021

The idea that the dreaded Call of Duty stim glitch could be back is something Warzone needs like, well, a jab in the arm. As we parachute down into Verdansk or Rebirth Island, it's a race to put the opposition in your crosshairs and rattle through the squads until you get Victory Royale. Just like other battle royale games, the action is squeezed into an increasingly sweaty hot spot as the gas cloud closes in. Unfortunately, there have been various Warzone glitches that have allowed sneaky cheaters to hang out in the gas and use the now-infamous stim glitch to score an easy win.

The unlimited stim glitch worked/works by allowing players to hide in the gas and constantly spam stims to avoid the lethal toxicity of the swirling cloud of smog. Although most of us have avoided the glitch for fear of being banned or just generally having a moral compass, there's been a growing number of players using it. Worse than this, the unlimited stim glitch seems to be evolving like a mutated pathogen within the game's code. As recently as February 5, a patch was supposed to permanently fix the infinite stim glitch, however, it looks like it could be back (with a vengeance). 


Has the Warzone stim glitch returned?

Looks like the stim glitch is back...once again... from r/CODWarzone

Claims that the Warzone stim glitch has returned come via Reddit. Posting online u/bilbo-e says they were happily making their way to the top of the ranks in Rebirth Island but were unable to claim Victory Royale against a final enemy who was probably in the gas circle. It's an unsubstantiated claim, with the infinite stim glitch being the most likely culprit. Before we go pointing fingers, others think there's something else going on here. What, now there's something other than the infinite stim glitch to deal with?

In the comments, players said it isn't the infinite stim glitch in play, but a different despawn one. In Warzone, there are growing reports of a despawn glitch that affect's Rebirth Island and traps players redeploying over and over and again. Although the game will register them as still alive, they've never be able to drop onto the map, meaning they get an automatic win.

Someone else on the thread explained, "Happened to me as well, however the team who won explained that it was a glitch where they were stuck redeploying. So the Game registered them as still alive - saw the same thing here the other day so it is legit. However even though they didn’t do the glitch on purpose, the different team still stole your win on purpose in the end. Still needs a fix ASAP". 

Despawn glitch or infinite stim glitch, take your pick on which you'd rather. Neither is that great for honest players who simply want to tear through a few rounds of Warzone and test out their skills. Only recently, Activision seemed to finally knock the stim glitch on the head. The February 5 patch reiterated, "New fix to remove infinite stim glitch: Issue stemmed from a player getting stuck in throwback state after throwing back a live grenade". Even though it seems that live grenades were the culprit all along, no one's quite sure what's going on with the latest Rebirth Island glitch. Looking on Twitter, there are a growing number of reports the stim glitch is back - which might not be the case.


Whatever is going on, we're getting ready for a massive overhaul of all things Warzone with the revamped Season 2 and what we're expecting will be an even bigger push into integrating Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Added to this, there's the previously leaked Zombies Outbreak mode and a tonne of other surprises expected just over the horizon. There are constant critiques that each update brings a new glitch with it, so we'll be waiting with bated breath to see if the stim glitch is resurrected alongside Season 2. 


At the time of writing, there's no confirmation on how the despawn glitch works, whether devs are aware, and how it's activated or whether it's pot luck. Either way, it means some of us will be jumping into matches we can never win. Sigh!



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