Tom Joins EXCEL ESPORTS FIFA Squad For Record-Breaking Transfer Fee

Tom Joins EXCEL ESPORTS FIFA Squad For Record-Breaking Transfer Fee

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24th Sep 2021 11:56

Boom, there it is. After the news of Tom “Tom” Leese becoming the first-ever FIFA player to be traded for a transfer fee, the destination is finally known. Tom will be moving to EXCEL ESPORTS, a UK based gaming culture brand, especially known for their LEC, VALORANT, and Fortnite teams. While the official announcement didn’t disclose the terms of the deal, Sky Sports had reported that the transfer fee could be as high as £100,000.

On top of the serious buyout fee communicating their intent, EXCEL ESPORTS has also signed former professional FIFA player Nathan “Zelonius” Horton as the team’s manager and has hinted towards further signings to fully build out the team. The cherry on top and a fair notice to the FIFA scene about EXCEL’s seriousness of becoming a major player in FIFA is the involvement of sports photographer David Ellis who had previously worked with the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jack Grealish. Beyond taking some sweet shots of the two new signings, Ellis will also assist in the creative vision of EXCEL’s FIFA division and its players. A new kit will also be made available for fans to pick up. 

Tom and Zelonius join EXCEL ESPORTS
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Tom has been a competitor at the top of the FIFA scene for several years now, playing for teams such as Fnatic, Watford, and Hashtag United. In the most recent FIFA 21 Global Series Europe Playoffs, Tom fought to a respectable top 10 placement after an impressive run in the lower bracket. In his career, the 22-year-old has earned over $150,000 and has a solid brand with an 80,000 subscriber strong YouTube channel.

Further announcements for EXCEL’s FIFA squad have been hinted at and we can expect Tom to soon be able to welcome new teammates on top of other news regarding the esports org’s involvement in FIFA. As always, GGRecon will keep you up to date on those announcements.


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