TimTheTatman Brings Streamer To Tears With Generous Fan Raid

TimTheTatman Brings Streamer To Tears With Generous Fan Raid
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Jack Marsh


24th Jun 2022 14:35

The immensely popular YouTube content creator and streamer Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar has recently brought a fellow small-time streamer to tears, after using his platform and influence to motivate fans to use their prime subscriptions on their channel.

After tuning into a Warzone streamer on Twitch, by the name of "Feegoe" Tim and his fans watched the 17-year-old creator drop 70 kills on Rebirth Island in a single game, and were subsequently blown away by his talent.

Thinking that the small streamer - who had less than 20 concurrent viewers a day prior - deserved more credit, he and Dennis "Cloakzy" Lapore decided to take matters into their own hands.

TimTheTatman Urges Fans To Subscribe To Small Streamer 

Having switched over to YouTube from Twitch, TimTheTatman's fans have been able to save on their subscriptions on that platform, and Tim implored people to subscribe to the young creator.

"Because obviously, I’m here now, Who’s got a Prime sub?" he said, before adding, "Go give him your Primes!"

Tim's avid fanbase then flocked to Feegoe's channel, smashing his sub-goal of five. The creator now sits at over 1,800 subscriptions, having previously been sat at around 100. Feegoe also peaked at over 10,000 views after Tim's self-made raid, and now sits at over 12,800 followers on the platform too.


Feegoe Reduced To Tears After TimTheTatman's Fan Raid

Having seen his Twitch Prime subscriptions soar, the 17-year-old Warzone wizard couldn't hold back the waterworks. If breaking the Rebirth Island kill record wasn't good enough for his week, the influx of subscriptions that could catapult his career proved too much.

Amid the tears, the streamer managed to thank TimTheTatman for his bombardment, before getting back to frying his way through Warzone lobbies.

Tim and his chat's donations might just be the start of the young man's career, and with talent like that, the next Warzone gem might have just been unearthed. You can follow him on Twitch here

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