This Rocket League And Mario Strikers Mod Is Everything We Need And More

This Rocket League And Mario Strikers Mod Is Everything We Need And More
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Jack Marsh


11th Mar 2022 14:02

Mario day (Mar 10) 2022 has been and gone, but that hasn't stopped the plucky Italian plumber from getting to grips with a new, and rather unexpected, title, thanks to a brilliant new mod. Just as Nintendo begin to hire a team of kit men and Luigi fastens his laces on a pair of studs, Mario has already gotten the ball rolling for the upcoming Strikers title by warming up in the most bizarre of crossover games.

With Rocket League's Utopia Collesium resembling Peach's Castle, and Mario's NSR already landing in the soccar game with a previous Psyonix and Nintendo collaboration, one gaming fanatic has now pulled the Gooba-squashing driver away from the wheel and onto the pitch to test his right peg.

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Gamer Makes Brilliant Rocket League and Mario Strikers Mod 

The Rocket League community has been blessed with some awesome mods over the past two years, mostly courtesy of Treyven "Lethamyr" Robitaille; singlehandedly being the creator of a Squid Game inspired mini-game map alongside full mods of Rocket League inspired Fall Guys, Quidditch, Among Us, and Capture the Flag.

However, ahead of the Mario Strikers: Battle League release in June, another fan has plunged a famous moustached character into Rocket League with an awesome mod that draws inspiration from his winged SM64 style.

Twitter user SerialBocks took to the social media platform to show off an early look at a Mario and Rocket League mod which has the protagonist operating his SM64 design and "wahoo'ing" his way to the ball upon every jump.

The 37-second clip showcases Nintendo's savvy plumber with his usual blue dungarees flipping his way the ball in a Rocket League match, kicking the ball on impact or soaring through the air in a fashion most Rocket League fans will be familiar with. 


SerialBocks also took to Twitch to show off some multiplayer experiences, where two Marios clashed cap-to-cap, careful to avoid any Rule 1 headbutts.

The developer behind the most has admitted that the boost doesn't have any effect on the player as of yet, although "it's the next thing I wanna add after addressing stability issues".

With over 350,000 views, as of writing, the clip has also been well received by a range of Rocket League pro players and content creators, who have all been keen to fasten their dungarees and test out Mario's kick-ups. 

The only thing left to know now is if Mario can perform a Musty Flick, will it have to be renamed to the Mario Flick? 

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