The Starfield map problem has already been fixed

The Starfield map problem has already been fixed
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8th Sep 2023 20:52

As great as Starfield is, one of its biggest flaws is the almost useless maps. 

Despite the scope of Starfield and its many locations, including over 1000 planets, there is almost no way of knowing where you are in relation to the NPCs and interesting locations around you.

One website has already sprung into action to fix the problem.

Map Genie has come to the rescue for Starfield users who are easily lost

Map Genie as a website has been providing maps for video games for years. From Borderlands to Fallout, L.A. Noire to Hogwarts Legacy, they have helped gamers find their way around for a long time.

While many of these games come with somewhat helpful maps of their own, Map Genie is able to add additional hints and tips including the locations of chests or challenges that may be more difficult for players to find.

The Starfield maps provide details about the location of NPCs, weapons, missions, shops, vendors and more, making it both incredibly detailed and very useful to a lot of players. Whether you are looking for something to do or just trying to find your way to the nearest coffee shop, the map will guide the way.

In Starfield's case, however, the website may be seeing an uptick of users as many people have complained about the challenges that come with navigating the expansive world.

Starfield's lack of maps is one of the biggest complaints from players

For some players, the lack of functional maps has worsened the gameplay experience. With so much to explore and find, not having waypoints or an easy way to find where you need to go can make things a lot more challenging, and means a lot of people will miss out on interesting pieces of the overall story.

Game reviewer Gene Park shared on Twitter that he still had no idea where some vendors could be found after playing for 90 hours.

He said: "It’s tough to map out all these floors and vertical areas but I think even a bad map would be better lol"

Park is not alone, and several players have taken to social media to complain about the lack of navigational assistance.

One user said: "I still have no idea where the weapon shop is in New Atlantis lol I ran around like a madman until I found it Still don’t understand why they didn’t give us a map."

Another shared that they had been playing for 40 hours and had still not found a weapons shop.

While there are some in-game signs and scanner markers which can aid players in finding their way around, there is nothing quite like a map to relieve the stress of getting lost in a strange space.

Whether or not Bethesda will decide to add in a map at a later point is yet to be seen but it wouldn't surprise us given the number of requests for one.

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