Call of Duty Warzone 2 story explained ahead of MW3 Season 1

Call of Duty Warzone 2 story explained ahead of MW3 Season 1
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The story of Warzone 2 can be a little harder to follow than your typical Call of Duty campaign, as the narrative is usually delivered through short cinematics and blog updates that come with every seasonal patch. This means it's often fragmented and the community are only fed short bursts of information that give an indication of what various different characters doing.

While not as fleshed out as a mainline game, the Warzone 2 story is still interesting and well worth following if you're a CoD fan. This is especially true in the lead-up to MW3's integration with WZ2, so we've created a full recap of the story ready for Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 story explained

Beginning with Warzone 2 Season 1, Al Mazrah, the capital of the Republic of Adal is introduced as a hotbed conflict and a battleground for foreign powers. Abundant with natural resources and located right on the coastline, it's a goldmine for anyone who is capable of controlling the area. Unfortunately, these skirmishes for supremacy have come at the cost of the local population.

Al Mazrah dock and coast
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Moving onto Season 2, the location of Ashika Island was brought into the fold. This small archipelago located somewhere in the Asia Pacific region became a hub for the ultranationalist Konni Group (Yes, the same one from MW3's campaign).

Intel suggested they were using the area to transport biological and chemical weapons from a BioLab facility in Al Mazrah. In response, Shadow Company took control of the island and worked to hunt down any Konni Group Operators hidden out of sight.

Alejandro Warzone story
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In Season 3, Valeria Garza escaped from a secure facility and killed multiple soldiers on her way out. After being notified of her escape, Alejandro Vargas contacted Laswell who revealed Valeria had gone to Al Mazrah with the Las Almas Cartel to secure new territory for the group.

Intent on getting revenge, Alejandro geared up and headed over to Al Mazrah to track down Valeria in an attempt to end their feud for good.

For Season 4, it was centred around a completely different location, that being the city of Vondel. After a suspected chemical attack, resident philanthropist Milena Romanova (The same person funding Makarov in MW3) tasked a private force to take over the city in the guise of protecting the inhabitants from an imminent attack. This was not their intention and skirmishes broke out on the streets in an attempt to gain control over the city.

Milena Romanova MW3
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Finally, Seasons 5 and 6 dropped the bombshell that Graves had not died in the tank in South America. Showing up in a meeting with Farah and Alex, the Shadow Company commander helped develop a plan to remove the Konni Group from Al Mazrah. This gave him the path back into the team to help during the events of MW3.

Now, with Warzone 2's MW3 integration setting up for Season 1 of a new cycle, it's going to be interesting to see where the devs take the story. Urzikstan will be the new map for WZ2 players and that opens up new possibilities for the narrative.

Now, you're caught up and ready for whatever Call of Duty has planned next with MW3. If you're curious about the gameplay side of Warzone 2, why not check out our weapon tier list that goes over the best loadouts? There's also our Warzone homepage that has all the latest guides news, and explainers.

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