Infinity Ward has released the  fourth season of Warzone; but do you know the storyline that ties Modern Warfare with Warzone?

21:00, 13 Jun 2020

Infinity Ward has released the much anticipated fourth season of the highly acclaimed battle royale game, Warzone; but do you know the storyline that ties Modern Warfare with Warzone? Let’s take a look: (Spoilers ahead!)

Starting off in the campaign, Alex sacrificed himself whilst Captain Price survived and formed alongside his boss a new counter-terrorist group named Task Force 141. Those who played the Spec Ops missions may have realised that the storyline continues after Al-Qatala regroups and invades the city of Verdansk.

Verdansk was a former Soviet republic city in the Cold War. However, once the Cold War had ended, both sides came together and made Verdansk an example of easing tension.

In Spec Ops, players could load out as Coalition to take down Al-Qatala or if preferred, could operate as Allegiance.

Now, this is where Warzone makes its appearance: Al-Qatala is no longer roaming Verdansk, yet there’s a series of operators from different alliances in the city. After years of tension from both sides during the Cold War, Warzone creates pressure on all operators with lethal glass pushing everyone closer each wave.


Narrative director at Infinity Ward, Taylor Kurosaki mentioned how the cinematic introductions in Warzone continues the storyline: “We didn’t want it to feel like three separate games in one box. We wanted it to feel like one massive world with a universal fiction, a universal narrative.”

“If you go back and watch the season one intro movie, that’s telling a bit of the story. Then you watch the season two intro movie, the one where Ghost made his appearance. That’s telling a bit more of the story. Now with season three’s intro, it’s continuing that narrative thread. We’re going somewhere with it.”

Heading back in time to March 10 2020, Infinity Ward introduced a new battle royale game mode to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare called Warzone: reaching $1.8 billion in revenue in May and over 60 million players worldwide. Warzone's story is just beginning, as it is set to span across Call of Duty 2020 too, and with the cinematics of Season 4, the story is about to get really intense...

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