The Last of Us Part I is offering refunds on PC

The Last of Us Part I is offering refunds on PC
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Joseph Kime


5th Apr 2023 12:26

Naughty Dog has spent a long time being the uncontested ruler of the narrative video game space, so much so, it seems the team might've grown complacent.

The recent PC port of The Last of Us Part I proved that there is a fault with the redux of the iconic PS3 title, as its performance failed on all fronts, and its glitches arrived in full force when it appeared in the new format.

It's a nightmare situation for Naughty Dog to find itself in, what with its incredibly revered reputation and status making it one of the most prestigious games in the industry. But it seems that Naughty Dog whiffed the opportunity so badly, Steam is having to step in.

Steam is offering refunds to The Last of Us Part I players

It looks as though the bold misstep from Naughty Dog is set to be cleaned up by its platform, as Steam has revealed that it will be bypassing its own terms and conditions to offer players of The Last of Us Part I refunds.

As initially reported by a Reddit user in the PC Master Race subreddit, Steam has started to accept refund requests for the PC port for The Last of Us. It's regardless of time played, meaning you can return your copy even after besting the Fireflies.

The original poster claimed they'd played 3.7 hours and their response was still accepted. This is against the Steam guidelines that indicate players wouldn't be able to get a refund if they'd played over 2 hours.

This is a pretty big deal for The Last of Us fans

It's pretty bold that Steam is willing to do a U-turn on its rules and seemingly lose a tonne of money to make way for customer satisfaction - especially with such a critically and commercially successful game. Then again, the game being dubbed the worst PC port of all time won't have helped.

The problems with the PC port have been a colossal disappointment for those wanting to get their hands on the new version of Joel and Ellie's story, especially as PlayStation's past of ports with God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man have been exceptional. Get those refunds in while you still can, folks.

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