The Last Of Us Part 1 Trophy Makes You Pet The Dog

The Last Of Us Part 1 Trophy Makes You Pet The Dog
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Tom Chapman


1st Sep 2022 15:17

Sometimes, being a video game developer can be a bit "ruff," but then sometimes, it's the dog's b*llocks. Falling into the latter camp is the team that's worked on Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part 1, and a game that's already being praised as one of the best remakes of all time. Take that, 2020's Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

More than just giving the acclaimed 2013 title a revamp, Naughty Dog has gone back and built things from the ground up. As well as a dynamic 4K option that targets 60fps, the team has added haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to make the most of the PS5. If a general combat overhaul to bring the game more into line with 2020's The Last of Us II wasn't enough, how about some new trophies?

Where Is Last Of Us Part 1 Dog Trophy?

The official PlayStation UK account tweeted that you can get a trophy for petting Buckley the dog. In case you don't remember, Buckley appears in both The Last of Us and Part II. In the first game, he accompanied Tommy and Maria to the dam, and although Buckley is meant to be a guard dog, he's far too friendly for his job. 

Joel could pet Buckley in the original game, but if you weren't a dog person, you might've avoided doing it. Others might've simply forgotten, however, if you want to complete Part 1's trophy list, you'll have to make friends with Buckley. We love petting dogs in video games, and like Fallout 4's Dogmeat, you can see how they quickly become fan-favourites. 

Ghost of Tsushima previously let you pet foxes and a whole host of animals, so we're glad more modern games are keeping the trend. It turns out that the Buckley story is even more heart-warming because he was named after Troy Baker's dog. Baker is known as the voice actor behind Joel, and according to the star, Neil Druckmann named the in-game dog after his real-life four-legged friend. 


What Other New Trophies Are There In The Last Of Us Part 1?

Buckley The Last Of Us
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Across the board, The Last of Us Part 1 has been praised for its improved trophies. As well as removing the grindy multiplayer ones due to a lack of multiplayer in the remake, Naughty Dog has also removed the difficulty levels of trophies. This means you should be sailing toward that Platinum in no time at all. Even better, you can pet the dog while doing it. 

Unfortunately, there's still a lot of negativity surrounding The Last of Us Part 1. In the tweet about Buckley, there were repeated complaints about a remake of a game that's nine years old costing $70/£70. It's a grumble we've heard since Druckmann first announced The Last of Us Part 1, and as much as Naughty Dog hypes all the work that's gone into teaching this old dog new tricks, it's not enough for some. Oh well, we imagine most of those moaning have a bark that's worse than their bite. 

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