The Forspoken Release Is Bad News For Xbox Fans

The Forspoken Release Is Bad News For Xbox Fans
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Joseph Kime


9th Nov 2022 12:09

Though it hasn't been seen much by would-be fans, Forspoken hasn't exactly got a good reputation. Following the reveals from a pretty scathing and unhappy preview from GameSpot, and the heavy memeing that one of the game's teasers and its dialogue received, Forspoken isn't in a position to make a seriously positive splash in the industry.

The problem is, critics just don't think Forspoken will be a particularly game-changing turn for the consoles that it'll be touching down on. That might be just as well, because it looks like Xbox owners will be missing out regardless. Well, for a while. 

When Will Forspoken Launch On Xbox?

For all two of you Forspoken super-fans, we hope you're not Xbox natives because it looks like you will be missing out for quite some time.

Sony has revealed a new trailer that details some of the features of the DualSense Wireless Controller in tandem with some of the PlayStation games in the PS5 library. The ad quietly reveals that Final Fantasy XVI will be an exclusive title to the PlayStation 5 for the first six months, which is likely to be a big deal for Final Fantasy fans.

That's not the biggest wait that players on other gaming means will have to endure. The same ad confirms a similar deal for Forspoken, which reveals that the game will be exclusive to the console for two whole years. Yikes.

When Is Forspoken Coming Out?

Forspoken is set to be a part of PlayStation's January lineup, with the game officially launching on the PS5 on January 24 2023 - but, of course, the deal is different for Xbox.

Xbox players can expect to play Forspoken on January 32 2025. By this time, there's probably a good chance that interest in the title will have been and gone by then. Forspoken hasn't made a great first impression, so here's hoping it could turn things around. By 2025, we'd at least hope someone would've managed to nail it.

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