The Elden Ring Sony Lyrics Make Absolutely No Sense

The Elden Ring Sony Lyrics Make Absolutely No Sense

Written by 

Tom Chapman


21st Jun 2022 09:29

This is a story, all about how, the Lands Between got turned upside down. If a picture can paint a thousand words, then surely a song can paint even more? The problem is when it comes to Elden Ring, those song lyrics don't make a lot of sense. 

FromSoftware's fantasy epic was always promised to be one of 2022's biggest games, but surpassing expectations, Elden Ring has already surpassed that to become of the biggest games of all time. It's a near-flawless outing that clearly put a lot of effort into its world-building and expansive lore... or so you'd think.

What Do The Elden Ring Sony Lyrics Mean?

As spotted by EurogamerElden Ring is spouting a load of nonsense in its song lyrics. Redditor u/MAGISTER-ORGANI is a Latin student who has spent their time deciphering what's actually being said in those epic ballads. 

According to the OP, the lyrics of the many Elden Ring songs aren't Latin, but are simply computed generated and then adjusted to sound like the ancient language. Their research led to them contacting the Elden Ring department, and although they originally got no response, it was later confirmed how the game's music was made: "For that purpose, I contacted some music producers who worked in Elden Ring, and they confirmed that 99% of the lyrics in the game are not in any language at all and don’t mean anything."

Alongside "Song of Lament" being written in Latin, they go on to say that "Harpy's Song" is another exception that seems to be in Latin. They've also previously deciphered "Song of the Bats" from Latin and posted about its tragic meaning. It's mainly boss themes that sound like they're Latin but aren't. For example, "Mohg's Theme" is just a bunch of random ramblings. 


What About Those Elden Ring Translations?

You might remember when someone "translated" the Godskin text, but apparently, it was all an elaborate hoax. The OP writes, "A guy who doesn't know Latin and thinks their lyrics are in Latin decided to make up lore texts in English and then translate them into very very very poor Latin." They say it misled the world and confirmed the translation was fake. 

Not everything in Elden Ring is a fraud though. Chinese players translated the game's beta map and figured out there were runes written in Yi script - which is an uncommon language used by priests. Given that this added to the fantastical elements of the game, we were right to think there could be more to the Elden Ring song lyrics. Alas, it's back to listening to those wailing bats. 

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