The Day Before Gameplay Trailer Accused Of Ripping Off CoD Zombies

The Day Before Gameplay Trailer Accused Of Ripping Off CoD Zombies
Treyarch | Fntastic

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Joseph Kime


6th Feb 2023 14:41

So, uh… what's happening with The Day Before? There's plenty of reason to believe that the game isn't actually real, with the game's Discord mods not entirely sure if the game exists or not.

The Day Before's team at Fntastic has been acting pretty strangely, claiming that the rights to the name being out of its hands has forced the game to be delayed for most of the year.

It's all a little odd, and now, fans are finding new reasons to ask what the hell is going on. It looks like The Day Before is ripping off the biggest franchises in gaming. 

Fans Spot The Day Before Ripping Off CoD Zombies

Though The Day Before is packed with intense gunplay and rabid zombies (or at least we're told), that doesn't mean it can get away with copying games that do the same.

Players have noticed a few very glaring similarities between the title's newest gameplay trailer and the teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode. Now that you've spotted it, it's hard to deny.

The frames that seem so familiar were initially pointed out by Twitter user Chroma, and fans have flooded into the thread to point out the similarities with the trailer. Another responded and compared the trailer to a segment of The Last of Us.

Is The Day Before Real?

This is one particularly notable example of the theory that many fans have posited online - that The Day Before is a game that simply does not exist, and is trying to keep up appearances before the team is caught out.

The project was heavily delayed for reasons that many fans don't deem worthy of such a pushback, and after the lead Discord mod told fans they're not convinced that the game has anything to offer fans, a gameplay trailer was quickly rolled out. 

The Day Before is in a very weird spot right now, what with it being between being accused of plagiarism and even accused of not existing. The Day Before might not be real, but it's definitely causing a stir. We're getting some serious Abandoned vibes.

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