The Day Before Moderators Aren’t Even Sure It Exists

The Day Before Moderators Aren’t Even Sure It Exists
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Joseph Kime


26th Jan 2023 09:27

The Day Before is a game that is eager to show people what it's up to, but in its reluctance to actually offer fans any information, it seems more and more like some kind of scam with each passing day.

The post-apocalyptic adventure is currently the most wish-listed game on Steam - or, it would be, if the Steam page hadn't suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.

As the game's developers claim they've had to push the game back to November because of issues with the copyright of the name, gamers are beginning to grow suspicious of the game.

The Day Before simply seems like it's not going to come out. And those close to the game itself seem to agree.

What's Going On With The Day Before?

A new report from SkillUp reveals the mods keeping The Day Before Discord server alive aren't even convinced that the game is real.

In a new tweet, the account says The Day Before's lead Discord mod hasn't seen any gameplay from the game, meaning they aren't sure it's the real deal.  

The tweet goes on to show comments from moderator Wholf, explaining that fans wondering about the validity of the game aren't alone and that they're with them.

What's The Deal With The Day Before's Copyright Problems?

In a new post made yesterday, The Day Before's official Twitter account revealed that a new gameplay video was halted after Steam blocked their game page at the request of a private individual.

The blocker is apparently the owner of the trademark for The Day Before. The game hadn't filed for its own trademark before it had been revealed, and someone else leapt to it. The Day Before has now supposedly been forced to release on November 10, 2023.

How this problem can translate into such a hefty delay has confused fans, but so far, it seems that the game and confusion go hand in hand. Whether the game exists or not is unknown - and that's probably a pretty massive problem in itself.

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