The child-sized Psyduck plush is finally back

The child-sized Psyduck plush is finally back
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Megan Cooke


21st Jan 2024 20:48

It is probably safe to say that any Pokemon fan has wished they could have their very own, real-life Pokemon to train at some point or other.

While unfortunately Pokemon haven’t started roaming the streets, and jumping people who venture into tall grass, overnight, we have been offered the next best thing… a life-sized Psyduck plush.

The life-sized Psyduck plush is available to pre-order… if you life in Japan

A Psyduck plush which is the size of a small child is available to pre-order from the Japanese Nintendo store.

The plush is said to be rather large, with dimensions of 80 x 57 x 75 when it is fully plumped up, and a weight of 4kg.

Pre-orders for the plush will be running from now until 19 February, or until it sells out, with the plush expected to ship in mid-July.

Unfortunately, the Psyduck, or Kodak (as it is known in Japan) plush will not be available to ship outside of Japan, so if you are hoping to get it you will need a friend in the country who is willing to ship it out to you.

The 80cm Psyduck costs ¥30,800, which translates roughly to £165 or $210.

Psyduck is not available outside of Japan… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some other large Pokemon plushies out there

Tragically, anyone looking to get their hands on the life-sized Psyduck plush may have a hard time, given that it is only available in Japan and will, most likely, sell out pretty quickly.

Fortunately, there are a few other very large Pokemon plush to snuggle with if you aren’t too picky about who you get.

Arcanine, for example, has a 150 cm plush available for £399.99, which is only half a metre smaller than the real thing.

Similarly, a 79 cm Piplup is almost double the height of your standard Penguin-Pokemon, priced at £299.99.

Other offerings include a 66 cm Wailord, 94 cm Altaria and, my personal favourite, a 114 cm Mareep.

While we can only hope that the 80cm Psyduck eventually makes its way to the UK, it seems unlikely since it hasn’t made the journey between now and 2020.

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