The 10 Most Popular Pokemon Of All Time Doesn't Include Pikachu

The 10 Most Popular Pokemon Of All Time Doesn't Include Pikachu
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20th Dec 2022 12:10

Apparently, being the OG just doesn't cut it anymore. The 10 most popular Pokemon of all time have been revealed, and we're sorry to say, Pikachu has been cast out into the abyss like yesterday's Garbodor. 

The electric mouse has become the de facto mascot of The Pokemon Company and kept us entertained for the past 25 years in the Pokemon anime series, but simply, that's not enough to make you the people's Pokemon. So, who's taken the crown in 2022?

What Is The Most Popular Pokemon In 2022?

Charizard Best Pokemon 2022
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In research conducted by Solitaire Bliss (via Game Rant), the results have been counted and verified. Looking at the monthly searches for specific 'Mon, it turns out Charizard is the Pocket Monster everyone can't get enough of it.

We'd normally be sceptical of this kind of thing, but instead of being the usual survey, Solitaire Bliss has crunched the numbers to work out there are 240,700 total monthly searches for Charizard.

It's true that thanks to its role in the anime - evolving from adorable Charmander to problematic Charizard - Ash Ketchum's fiery dragon has rightly earned a place at the front of the pack. Part of Charizard's popularity likely also comes from the fact it recently returned for Pokemon Journeys

Added to this, there was the recent release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, with the timed Charizard Raid being the only way to capture the fan-favourite in Gen 9. We imagine this has given an uptick in searches. Still, there's no escaping the fact Charizard is (quite literally) a goliath of the 1000+ Pokemon currently knocking around. 

What Are The Other Most Popular Pokemon In 2022?

The list makes for some interesting reading. The only other Gen 1 'Mon to make the list is Gengar. But, with the OG ghost being popular for decades and boasting a tonne of merch out there - remember the Gengar bed - we're not surprised.

Gen 3's Gardervoir is in second, and with some questionable Rule 34 searches out there, the Psychic/Fairy has landed the silver medal from darker corners of the internet. Sylveon is in third and overtakes the other Eevves like Umbreon in sixth. The full list is as follows:

  • Charizard (Gen 1) – 240,700 total monthly searches
  • Gardevoir (Gen 3) – 158,400 total monthly searches
  • Sylveon (Gen 6) – 137,300 total monthly searches
  • Lucario (Gen 4) – 126,200 total monthly searches
  • Gengar (Gen 1) – 113,500 total monthly searches
  • Umbreon (Gen 2) – 113,000 total monthly searches
  • Garchomp (Gen 4) – 93,700 total monthly searches
  • Mimikyu (Gen 7) – 84,300 total monthly searches
  • Rayquaza (Gen 3) – 82,400 total monthly searches
  • Greninja (Gen 6) – 73,100 total monthly searches

In February last year, The Pokemon Company revealed the "official" most popular Pokemon of all time. Here, it was the Pikachu-esque Dedenne that became the very best (like no one ever was). During the vote, Charizard only landed in 18th. 

It's sad that Pikachu is MIA on these latest rankings, especially as his time with Ash is about to come to an end in the anime series. While we know a new season is on the way in 2023, Ash and Pikachu will be bowing out now he's a Pokemon Master. 

We always knew this day would come, but with Ash ready to hang up his cap in Pallet Town, we're not sure we're ready to say goodbye. Well, at least that creepy Mimikyu has made the list of the most popular Pokemon. 

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