Take Your Seats For Ace Attorney: The Musical, Which Exists, Apparently

Take Your Seats For Ace Attorney: The Musical, Which Exists, Apparently
Images via Capcom | Alex Bruno

Written by 

Joseph Kime


2nd Dec 2022 15:30

Musicals are good. This is not up for debate.

However you feel about the all-singing, all-dancing storytelling format (again, not up for debate), they've always been a source of joy and wonder, and it's a miracle that there haven't been more based on video games.

Japan has seen musicals take to the stage that flex the wonder hidden in the likes of Persona and Resident Evil, as well as The Trail to Oregon, a stage adaptation of The Oregon Trail - but we haven't had enough for our liking.

And thankfully, some fans have put their heads together to bring a new musical to life that takes us to the courtroom.

Ace Attorney Has His Own Musical, And It's Glorious

Designed meticulously and written beautifully, an unofficial musical project titled Turnabout: An Ace Attorney Musical has appeared online, and it is a remarkable feat of fan creativity.

As recently discovered by Nintendo Life, The musical begins with a one-and-a-half hour video for its first act, focussing on Phoenix Wright's very first case in the series, the acquittal of Larry Butz, all in fully written, fully belted, fully harmonised song.

It's an incredibly impressive sight to behold, especially as full court cases are being transformed into incredibly entertaining musical numbers with genuine heart and sincerity. The musical was once a stage production, and has been brought to life on YouTube here in the form of a fan-made animation that perfectly replicates the aesthetic and gameplay of the Ace Attorney series.

Turnabout Features A Full Cast Recording

Not only is the full first act of the musical available for free on YouTube, but the full soundtrack of the musical has also been uploaded to the site song-by-song for your listening pleasure.

The songs are far better composed than they have any right to be, and as this is a full fan development it's an incredibly impressive feat. Especially as it'd be hard to take the concept of an Ace Attorney musical, the team here have done an incredible job bringing the courtroom japes to life through the power of song. Can we get a Silent Hill musical next, please?

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