Symfuhny brands Rebirth Island’s return a massive ‘L’

Symfuhny brands Rebirth Island’s return a massive ‘L’
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Joseph Kime


27th Mar 2024 12:50

Thanks to the ever-hard-to-please Warzone community, it feels like the Call of Duty spin-off simply can't win sometimes. Yes, the game is buggy and rife with cheaters that the dev teams can't crack down on, but equally, fans often aren't happy for the sake of it.

Raging with new metas, angry when their favourite weapons are nerfed, shouting about the return of Verdansk, and throwing their toys out of the pram when it reappears in mobile form - how can Call of Duty win?

And now, as Rebirth Island finally returns to Warzone for the first time since 2022, popular content creator Mason "Symfuhny" Lanier revealed his less-than-favourable opinions about coming back to Rebirth Island.

Rebirth Island is back - and it's destroying one of its most important POIs

Call of Duty has revealed that to celebrate Rebirth Day (which may be a made-up event. Citation needed), Warzone will allow players to return to the now-iconic Rebirth Island map and allow them to fight across the smaller area for a short event.

Even as the CoDverse gets caught up in the Warzone Mobile madness, the OG Warzone isn't sitting still. Rebirth Island's return is a treat for those who've missed the beloved resurgence map, but as we've already pointed out, there's a major change to things thanks to the prison POI going up in flames.

The map's teaser video shocked the audience, as sequences inside the prison POI revealed that sections of its roof were entirely missing. This change might keep things exciting, but some Warzone-centric creators and fans aren't happy about it.

Symfuhny reacts to Rebirth's open-air prison

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Symfuhny took to Twitch to share his reaction to the Rebirth Island relaunch trailer. As he watches a vehicle plunge through the prison's roof, he offers a series of "oh's" that don't exactly spell out sheer excitement. "Chat, that is prison. That is the roof. Is that good or bad?" he asks, as the chat spam Ls.

After Symfuhny shared the clip on Instagram, the comments spoke for themselves. One angry gamer wrote, "wtf is wrong with Activision bro," while another added, "They doing the change so people don't realize how overhyped rebirth is lol. That way when the map flops they can point the gate to the map change."

Even though the change is relatively minor compared to the wider map, it's another thing for critics to latch onto. The haters were likely never going to be happy with Rebirth Island's revival, but as Warzone is accused of repeating the mistakes it did with Fortune's Keep, it seems the devs aren't listening. 

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