'Sweaty’ Modern Warfare 3 CDL skins are here and they are the best yet

'Sweaty’ Modern Warfare 3 CDL skins are here and they are the best yet
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Jack Marsh


28th Nov 2023 15:34

The Call of Duty League skins have quickly become the staple sportswear of the sweats, with bunny-hopping, slide-cancelling, meta-abusing demons all scooting around the map sporting the monochrome colours of the professional league.

Having seen four variants of the CDL skins so far, Call of Duty is continuing this trend and has now revealed the Modern Warfare 3 variant, and fans are loving them. 

Modern Warfare 3's Call of League skins are here

Every year since the Call of Duty League's inception in 2019 during Modern Warfare, the professionals have been supported by fans through the CDL packs, containing Operator skins and weapon wraps.

Now in Modern Warfare 3, the CDL Launch Pack is here, and with it we get a first look at the Mil-Sim Operators dressed to the nines in League colours.

This year, the design sees a helmet and visa added for the first time instead of ski masks, as they take a much more safety-first approach in a snow-suit-like manner, perfect for a Hardpoint scrimmage on Sub Base.

The Launch Pack also includes the white-one-black Flying High camo, alongside calling cards, stickers, emblems, and charms.

Having been revealed on social media through a giveaway, players are now obsessing over this look.

"These look sick AF!" said one awed fan.


When will CDL Team Skins arrive in Modern Warfare 3?

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Off the back of the CDL-wide skins being revealed, fans might now be wondering when will the Call of Duty League team skins be revealed, including the new branding of Carolina Royal Ravens and Miamia Heretics and League staples OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe.

Although teams have reportedly been designing the skins for a number of months, it is likely that the CDL Team Packs will not come out until the start of the season, and likely the mid-Season 1 update where Ranked will also roll out.

For now, though, fill your snow boots with the Launch Pack, and don't be afraid to test out the knee pads with a slide cancel or six. Steer into the sweat.

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