CDL Teams are already making Modern Warfare 3 skins

CDL Teams are already making Modern Warfare 3 skins
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Jack Marsh


18th May 2023 22:00

Despite the next iteration of Call of Duty not releasing for another six months, the CDL organisations are already beginning the process of designing Modern Warfare 3 operator skins.

The CDL skins have become a flagship for "sweaty" players in recent years, acting as a beacon of fear that strikes through the heart of a casual player, which was only heightened with the collection of Ranked skins too.

But despite their divisive natures, it looks like they're here to stay and will be coming imminently at the start of Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 CDL skins are already in development

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According to a recent report from Jacob Hale, the Call of Duty League teams are already building Modern Warfare 3 CDL skins, which will reflect the iconic brands built in the league, such as OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe.

Shortly after having their team-based Vaznev-9k blueprints added to Modern Warfare 2, all 12 teams of the CDL are now creating Operator skins for the new and upcoming MW3 title, set to be released in November.

It's likely that the Florida Muniteers will be working on a different brand, though, as a merger with Spanish-based Team Heretics is on the cards, meaning that we will see a Miami Heretics Call of Duty skin for the first time. 

CDL Organisations unhappy with creative limitations on MW3 skins

Despite having their own input this time around, the MW3 CDL skins will not be fully-customisable for each team, as was the case with the recent blueprints. 

Instead, creative designers have claimed that teams will only be able to control the designs of certain elements of the outfit, including kneepads, shoulder straps, and gloves. As you can imagine, this has not gone down well with the orgs.

OpTic Texas' designer Aaron has now slammed the limitations as "dogs**t" on Twitter, while LA Thieves' "Raw" claimed it was like a "colouring book."

It's likely that the skins will now be quite similar to that of the Modern Warfare 2 ones, albeit with some minor tweaks, but their arrival shouldn't be too long after Modern Warfare 3's launch, given the months of preparation.

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