$45,000 up for grabs, eight of the North American RL giants will go head-to-head in the first event since RLCS X was announced

16:00, 09 Jul 2020

Beyond the Summit’s Summer Shuffle qualifiers saw some interesting matchups, with some RLCS S9 teams left with egg on their faces. Rat Enterprises, this time trying out with WondaMike, were poached twice as they crashed out of the tournament at the hands of Plot Twist and Stromboli, continuing a torrid run in form for the tormented ex-Cloud9 pair. The winners of the last ever RLRS, Alpine (ex-Omni Nation/Affinity), were also left scrambling, as they were eliminated with defeats to Omelette and Charlotte Phoenix. The most disappointing of the sides were Susquehanna Soniqs, who were fried twice, as their new allegiance with Allushin seemed to crash and burn. Heading into the Group Stages, it was Omelette and Plot Twist who came out victorious, making up the eight teams who will be battling it out for a chance to get their hands on some of the $45,000 prize pool. Here’s what we can expect from the main event as the plots of the qualifiers boil over.

Will Atomic and Mist be able to write their own story, and not make it the Turbo Show?

Following Turbopolsa’s move to Team Envy, the headlines wrote themselves in The Brawl 10k. It was only ever going to end one way, with the greatest of all time netting the winner against the team which recently discarded him. However, as we enter their second tournament together after a couple of weeks of practice, all eyes will be on them to sustain their success. Now the adrenaline has settled from the move, they will have to perform as a team and embed cohesion quickly. Such as with the huge presence of playing with the most decorated played in Rocket League history, will Mist and Atomic be able to step up to the mark and not be overshadowed? Our guess is yes, they’re both extremely talented and have their own qualities. It’s just a question of whether they’ll gel as a team.

Turbopolsa at Beyond the Summit
Image via Beyond The Summit

Can the previous RLRS sides show that they have what it takes to reach Majors in RLCS X?

The two sides coming from the qualifiers will have a point to prove for the RLRS sides and the bubble scene. As they will be given many opportunities to shine in the Minor/Major format of RLCS X, they could quickly sustain themselves as contenders for the majors, and even subsequently the sixth regional spot. Plot Twist and Omelette are pitted in separate groups in the Summer Shuffle, but this could be their chance to show NA that not everything is about the big dogs. A win versus one or two of the group stages team will certainly show that the skill gap is closer than ever, and the ‘smaller’ sides should not be underestimated.

Will G2 Shake off reports of a Roster Mix-Up?

The best way to put rumours to rest is by doing your talking on the field. Facts. In light of the recent rumours regarding Rizzo, he and the G2 roster will be fired up to keep up to speed with NRG, nV and SSG. Starting off against Rogue, G2 should be capable of reaching the top four in the playoffs, anything less will be considered a failure. They’ve somewhat slipped under the radar until recent rumours about the roster, but with Sypical grabbing headlines, and NRG and nV leading the way in results, this has to be the event in which G2 step up to the plate and smash it out of the park.

Image via Zeebodesigns

What are eUnited capable of?

After securing Memory and coach Sub’N, eUnited have nothing else to do but prove that they are capable of being a top six side. Outside of the top four, there are an array of teams set to compete for fifth and sixth place for the World Championships next May, and hitting the ground running will be important, racking up as many points as possible. To prepare for this, the Summer Shuffle will give them the platform to mix it up with NA’s best. A good performance here will give them the confidence to start the season well, whereas a drumming could be a catastrophe.

Wheel & Deal hysterics

Make sure not to miss out on the Wheel & Deal portion of the Summer Shuffle, as players will be forced to mix up their playstyles, competing in Hoops, Snow Day, Dropshot and Soccar. With a selection of ‘Cards’ each team will be able to select the game modes, maps, team sizes and a ‘modifier’ such as Rumble mode. Spike Rush and Boomer. In a $5k spin off, this gives the chance for pros to let off some steam and entertain us with flair and demos.

The Beyond the Summit Summer Shuffle kicks off with NRG vs Omelette at 6pm GMT, and you can watch it here, or on the official Twitch page.

Stay tuned at GGRecon for more event information, such as the APLs The Kickoff tournament.

Image via Beyond The Summit

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