Streamers Think Warzone Ranked System Needs To Be Stolen From Apex Legends

Streamers Think Warzone Ranked System Needs To Be Stolen From Apex Legends
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Jack Marsh


15th Jul 2022 12:05

Just days after Call of Duty fans begged Infinity Ward not to ruin Modern Warfare 2 by stealing a Fortnite mechanic that plagued Vanguard, the Warzone section of the fan base has set their eyes on another battle royale to nab ideas from by identifying one feature that Warzone needs.

Warzone's ranked mode has been announced to be coming as early as Season 5, becoming a trial run for Raven Software and Infinity Ward to learn from before implementing the system into Warzone 2 upon the sequel's release. 

With the feature exciting many of Call of Duty's avid competitors, a range of big-name streamers have now expressed that the developers need to look to another battle royale to steal their system: Apex Legends.

JGOD Eyes Apex Legends Ranked System For Warzone 2

James "JGOD" Godoy has expressed that the way Apex Legends has its ranked system should be exactly how Warzone should run theirs. Having multiple ranks to grind through with an effective points system that rewards both kills and placements is how Warzone should start, according to JGOD. He even looked towards "Apex Predator" which is a boasting point for the top 750 players worldwide.

"I think if Call of Duty is smart, they should look at what Apex has done and take the best of those iterations because Apex has changed its structure a dozen times or so," JGOD said in his latest YouTube upload. 

"Ranked mode solves one of the biggest issues that Call of Duty and any game tries to solve, and that is player engagement," JGOD added.

Previously, Call of Duty royalty Seth "Scump" Abner blamed the lack of a grindable Warzone ranked mode as the main reason for a 50 million player loss.


NICKMERCS Thinks Warzone Should Steal Apex Legends Feature

Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff was the first colossal content creator to ditch Warzone in favour of Apex Legends ranked mode, where he since became a Predator and even competed in the ALGS esports competitions in North America.

After hopping back into Warzone for Fortune's Keep gameplay, NICKMERCS said, "They’d have to introduce ranked carefully."

"I just think it’s hard to make BRs work like that when there’s no rotation, no mobility, no superpower – like Apex has a really cool blend," he added in a YouTube video.

He even looked towards Fortnite for their mobility, saying that Warzone will need more options to move around the map in a ranked mode. "They would have to add some mobility to this game, especially if they did tournaments and stuff like that. It could be cool," he added.

The Warzone ranked mode is expected to arrive in August or September, giving players one full season of the beta before Warzone 2 is released.

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