Modern Warfare 2 Players Beg Developers To Ditch Fortnite Mechanic

Modern Warfare 2 Players Beg Developers To Ditch Fortnite Mechanic
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14th Jul 2022 12:03

Drawing inspiration from other titles is no crime. It's turned into quite a circle of thievery in the FPS genre, with Call of Duty nabbing ideas from Apex Legends, such as Balloon Redeployments, Fortnite taking Apex features too like Bubble Shields, and Apex originally snatching the concept of mini shields from Fortnite.

The merry-go-round of content confiscating continues to this day, although some Call of Duty fans are now begging the developers to leave one abducted aspect in the past.

With Vanguard's release, fans of the franchise soon found out that Bloom - a gun mechanic notorious with Fortnite - was added, harshening the accuracy of popular guns like the MP40. It's safe to say that Bloom doesn't belong in Call of Duty though, and fans are demanding it is left behind for Modern Warfare 2 and break away from Fortnite's skill-levelling mechanic.

Modern Warfare 2 Fans Plead For Bloom To Be Left Behind

The way bloom works is that the bullets don't exactly go where you aim. They head in the general direction, but when ADSing, you get a hip-fire-esque bullet spread, which is entirely randomly generated. Even with attachments that increase accuracy and tighten the bullet spread, fans have been vocal about how it goes against the beloved hit-scan fundamental of CoD, and instead of levelling out the playing field like it's intended to do, it's driving people away from the game and back to Warzone.

The mechanic is often used in Fortnite to make a differentiation between higher-tier loot, but as Modern Warfare 2 approaches, the franchise faithful is imploring that it be left in the past.

"In MWII we aren’t gonna have 10 attachments. Bloom is just an artificial way to dumb down the gameplay and make gunfights more random," the Redditor said. "I know this game is supposed to have a low skill gap but having bullets purposely shoot off target is just insane to me," they added.


Does Bloom Belong In Modern Warfare 2?

With Modern Warfare 2 being linked with the battle royale sequel, Warzone 2, in the way that guns and movement will be portrayed, should Bloom be added to multiplayer again, it will also likely translate to Warzone too, for the first time. 

"[It's] quite literally a dealbreaker for me as well," said the original poster. The mechanic is often criticised for adding RNG to the fast-paced game, and whereas in Fortnite, the loot tiers and calculated gunplay make Bloom a necessity, the pace of Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 mismatch Bloom.

"They should take very, very little form Vanguard," one fan added, mimicking the thoughts of most Call of Duty players who have unanimously rubbished Vanguard's multiplayer experience. 

With the gunsmith being changed dramatically in Modern Warfare 2, it's apparent that Infinity Ward might want to consider ditching the 'accuracy' attachments and the Bloom mechanic if they want fans to stick around.

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