Stellar Blade Director issues plea to thirsty gamers

Stellar Blade Director issues plea to thirsty gamers
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Joseph Kime


4th Apr 2024 13:52

Stellar Blade has gone and made a name for itself, but perhaps not the one that it wanted.

The action of the game looks incredibly bombastic, and fans of the likes of Bayonetta and NieR are flocking to the title - but unfortunately, players who also went to those games for the wrong reason are showing up again.

The design of the main character Eve has drawn equal attention and drama for appearing hyper-sexualised, wearing a skin-tight bodysuit that greasy nerds have taken a serious fondness too.

But now, even in spite of this, the game’s director has suggested to players that if they want to keep Eve looking the way she is by standard, they’re going to have a bad time.

Stellar Blade will demand that you wrap up

If you want to get anywhere in Stellar Blade then you’re probably going to have to put some clothes on.

Speaking in an interview with Famitsu, Stellar Blade’s director Kim Hyung Tae has revealed some new details about Eve’s skin suit, hinting that the players who want to keep the character in her skimpiest outfit are going to be setting themselves up with a real challenge.

The director suggests that the skin suit has absolutely “no defensive function,” and that the difficulty of the scraps you’ll have throughout the game will have their difficulty “increased dramatically” if you choose to keep it on for the whole duration. Sorry, everyone, you’re probably going to have to put some clothes on.

Expect the appearance of skin suit% speedruns in Stellar Blade

Eve bounds over a foe in her skin suit in Stellar Blade.
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Though this suggestion from Hyung Tae is pretty fair for players taking on the game for the first time, there’s every chance that the clothing option poised for the most ogling will become incredibly popular with those who are most dedicated to the game. Players might actually put some clothes on the first time around to get to know the game, yes, but the moment players are comfortable enough, Eve’s kit is coming off. As after all, we know what gamers are like.

Stellar Blade seems to be languishing in the fact that its main character is pretty hyper-sexualised, and fans certainly are too. Here comes the fanart.

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