Sony's Premium PS1, PS2, And PS3 Games Have Started To Leak

Sony's Premium PS1, PS2, And PS3 Games Have Started To Leak

Written by 

Tom Chapman


5th May 2022 12:13

Did you really think you'd be able to topple the might of Game Pass? To quote Thanos, "pathetic." While Microsoft's gaming subscription service continues to decimate the industry with day one releases and the realisation that classic Call of Duty will inevitably call it home, Sony is doing its best to keep up with its own offering.

Whereas Game Pass kept it pretty simple with its pricing structure and tiers, Sony has long left us confused and frustrated by the PS Now and PS Plus offerings - sometimes offering bangers, but usually leaving us asking what we've wasted our money on. All that changes with the New PlayStation Plus, as the mysterious Project Spartacus finally offering backward compatibility to the games of yore. 

What PS3 Games Are Coming To PlayStation Plus?

Alongside the classic subscription (Essential), there's PlayStation Plus Extra giving you access to a library of PS4 and PS5 games, while Premium is the top tier that showcases up to 700 games from all eras. PS3 classics will be available to play via stream only, but PS2 and PS1 games are available for download too.

Coming in at $17.99/£13.49 a month or $119.99/£99.99 a year, it's quite the price hike, but should be worth it for us nostalgia-loving gamers. Of course, most of us are holding off parting with our cash until we know exactly what's on the way. Over on Reddit u/SomeRandomCoolGuy has spotted that WWE 2k15 has appeared on the PlayStation Australia Store, with the PS3 logo and a placeholder price of $0.01.

Others have validated the claim, meaning we know at least one PS3 game ready and rearing to go on your PS5 with the shiny new PS Plus. With a presumed reveal just around the corner, gamers were anxious to know what's coming. One fan gushed: "Man, I just need them to release a list of what's coming out. I'm on the fence, but I'll absolutely buy the highest tier if I see Resident Evil Outbreak on the list."


What PS2 And PS1 Games Are Coming To PlayStation Plus?

Going back to what is arguably Sony's heyday, there's obviously a lot of hype surrounding what PS2 and PS1 games will make the cut. Plenty of these legacy games have been remade and remastered more times than we care to count, but for a select few, they're preserved in their pixelated glory on the hardware that birthed them.

In a separate Reddit thread, u/the_andshrew has done some digging in the back end and confirmed we've got a slew of Namco titles on the cards. Mr. Driller and Tekken 2 have been followed by Worms Armageddon and Worms Party. Although none of these are exactly Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, it's a good place to start. Couple some retro games with confirmed additions of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and 2018's God of War, and we say, death to PlayStation Plus and all hail the new PlayStation Plus. 


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