Slept-on AR is a laser beam at long-range in Warzone 2

Slept-on AR is a laser beam at long-range in Warzone 2
Courtesy of Activision

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Alex Garton


1st Jun 2023 12:40

In the current Warzone 2 meta, the ISO Hemlock and Lachmann 556 stand out as the strongest two ARs due to their overwhelming popularity.

Both guns deal impressive damage from a distance and can consistently wipe out enemies effectively in gunfights.

Despite this, as they've become the default picks for a lot of players, it means certain other ARs are going under the radar - even though they have the potential to be hidden gems.

Well, Warzone 2 guru WhosImmortal believes one specific laser beam AR is being 'slept-on' and could be a deadly option in the lead-up to Season 4.

Lethal Kastov 545 loadout is a laser beam in Warzone 2


  • Barrel: IG-K30 406mm
  • Muzzle: Harbinger D20
  • Optic: AIM OP-V4
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag
  • Ammunition: 5.54 High Velocity

Following the May 31 patch that nerfed the ISO Hemlock and Cronen Squall, WhosImmortal believes there's now space for the off-meta Kastov 545 to become viable ahead of Season 4.

Unlike the Kastov 762, the 545 isn't brimming with raw firepower, but the gun does have a 'competitive TTK' and is a laser beam at long range.

This makes the underrated AR unbelievably 'easy to use,' especially with the AIM OP-V4 optic that will allow you to lock onto your foes.

The loadout above is all about pushing the Kastov 545's power to the limit while maintaining its trademark low kickback. All this comes together to create a setup that's being massively 'slept on' by the community.

How popular is the Kastov 545 in Warzone 2?

Kastov 545 AR
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Courtesy of Activision

According to WZRanked, the Kastov 545 has an extremely low pick rate of just 0.3% which puts it at thirty-second in the overall WZ2 popularity rankings. This is immensely low and shows that most of the community completely overlooks this weapon by assuming it's a poor choice.

So, if you're tired of using the same ARs, consider picking up Kastov 545 and utilising the build above. It'll certainly catch your opponents off-guard when they see you running around with a long-forgotten weapon.

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