Skyrim Player Is Filling The Game With Cheese

Skyrim Player Is Filling The Game With Cheese
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Tom Chapman


16th Mar 2022 13:49

We've got a "wheely" good story for you, but we'll admit, this one has got a bit of a pong to it. Unless you're lactose intolerant, isn't cheese "grate". Whether it's mozzarella on your pizza, halloumi fries, or waking up at 1am to nibble a block while basking in the light of the fridge, cheese is life, cheese is love.

However, while (almost) everyone loves their cheese, one Skyrim player is taking it to a whole new level, hoarding enough of the good stuff to survive a nuclear apocalypse in Tamriel. What started as something of a joke has now turned into a lactose-loving obsession, as this player's home in Whiterun is packed to the rafters with cheese.

Why Is Someone Collecting Cheese In Skyrim?



We've previously covered how garlic bread has its own magical properties in Skyrim, but even 11 years after Bethesda first gifted the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series, we're still finding new things to do with the various foodstuffs and crafting items found out there. Most of us adore cheese, but we can smell this cheese-filled house from here.

Posting on Reddit, u/TNWODISCIPLE shared how they've been filling their Breezehome house with wheel upon wheel of cheese. They don't reveal what kind of cheese it is, but we'd guess Leerdammer. A quick look back at Reddit shows they aren't the first person to take up the task, however, their progress is pretty impressive.

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Other players were suitably impressed, meaning the cheese jokes flooded in. One joked, "This level of collection is well within the OP's wheelhouse," while another added, "Holy cheesus, it's beautiful". There was also plenty of folks baffled that anyone was even able to run the game with that many objects in the same place threatening to melt a console or PC like the cheese itself. 


What Else Can You Do With Cheese In Skyrim?

Wasting cheese in Breezehome (sorry, Bree's Home) is all well and good, but there's actually a pretty great use for cheese in Skyrim. If you thought garlic bread was an OP item to pack in your picnic basket, it turns out fondue is even more useful in Tamriel. There are also plenty of you out there who just like to horde cheese like a dairy aisle in the supermarket.

There are only so many times you can try and best Alduin, and if filling houses with cheese is what we've come to, doesn't it show that we're running out of things to do in Skyrim? Even though fans know The Elder Scrolls 6 is out there somewhere, they've been warned that the Xbox exclusive is still a long way off. If players keep wheeling in the cheese, all of Whiterun will be a Gouda-filled cheese-fest. But, who said that's a bad thing?


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