Skate Loot Boxes Are Bad News For EA

Skate Loot Boxes Are Bad News For EA
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Joseph Kime


26th Jan 2023 10:01

Skate is finally coming back - bringing with it a relief that fans have never felt before. Much like the Half-life 3s and Portal 3s of the world, it's one of those games we never thought we'd see.

The skating simulator is back in the form of the simply-titled, and free-to-play, skate-em-up called Skate., with its return being one of the most welcome we've seen in recent years.

Although we haven't seen much from the game, we know to be ready for the arrival of an absolute treat. That's if it doesn't come through with a strategy that feels very EA.

Skate Has Loot Boxes In Its Current Beta

Skate Loot Boxes Are Bad News For EA
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As will come as a horrifying revelation to many, one leaker has revealed that they've heard about loot boxes being present in the current closed beta of Skate.

Tom Henderson has revealed (via Insider Gaming) that the latest playtest includes Swag Bags. It's a controversial feature, to say the least, but as of right now, there is no way for playtesters to pay for them.

They are unlocked using the 'Stars' currency that is unlocked by beating challenges. These loot boxes apparently have their own dedicated rarities, with them costing between two and three Stars depending on their item chances.

The boxes contain five items, varying from skateboard stickers and clothing to house furniture. When unlocking items that the player already owns, they're rewarded with 'Hype' - a currency that Henderson claims is similar to Apex Legends' Crafting Materials.

Will These Loot Boxes Become Paid?

Though the loot boxes can't be purchased with real money during the playtest, fans are worried that the feature will appear in the final game.

To be honest, they're probably right to be, as the loot boxes will almost definitely be available to purchase with real money upon release.

The new Skate is free-to-play, of course, so it needs to make its money from somewhere - and that'll be via these random loot boxes and other cosmetics.

Remember, we've been here before with EA and that Star Wars Battlefront 2 debacle. More recently, FIFA 23 was struck with a similar loot box scandal, showing EA might not have learned its lesson. 

It's a shame to consider, especially after the fairly well-tempered attitude of the series to mini DLC in the past - but times have changed, and so has Skate. Brace for wallet impact.

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