Sidemen Charity Match pulled from YouTube by the Premier League

Sidemen Charity Match pulled from YouTube by the Premier League
FA Premier League | YouTube - The Sidemen

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Joseph Kime


18th Sep 2023 12:25

The Sidemen charity football match was actually a pretty massive event in the YouTube space. Not only did it utilise the gigantic pull of the Sidemen themselves, it also used creators like MrBeast, iShowSpeed and Kai Cenat to boost its reach.

The match raised an incredible amount of money for a collection of charities, including CALM, Teenage Cancer Trust and Rays of Sunshine, but it looks like the Premier League isn't having any of it.

Premier League copyright strikes the Sidemen Charity Football Match

That's not a good look. As pointed out on Twitter, the official stream of the charity football match has been claimed by FA Premier League, claiming that it contains content from it. This means the match has been blocked on the official Sidemen YouTube channel.

"This video contains content from FA Premier League, who has blocked it on copyright grounds," reads the message currently displayed on the official stream.

It's thought that this has happened as a result of the match taking place in the West Ham stadium, even though the Sidemen paid for the stadium for the event and should, reasonably, have the rights to use its grounds in their videos. It seems the Premier League sees things differently.

Fans react to the Premier League taking down the Sidemen Charity Match

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment and frustration with the Premier League for treating the charity match stream in a pretty disrespectful way.

"Premier League are only after the money. How are they trying to stop a movement for charity? So embarrassing," says one, while another added, "Actually embarrassing for the Premier League." Someone else concluded, "Premier League really just gave the middle finger to charity."

Nobody is really winning here, as the charity match goes without any good way to view it, and the Premier League is seen as a company that'd rather protect its copyright than help out a charity. Still, at least it protects people from seeing iShowSpeed absolutely whiffing that penalty.

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