Shroud Believes Rainbow 6 Will ‘Always Be More Competitive Than Call Of Duty’

Shroud Believes Rainbow 6 Will ‘Always Be More Competitive Than Call Of Duty’

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Tom Chapman


16th Mar 2021 11:33

As one of the biggest content creators out there, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek has passed judgement on two of the biggest shooters out there. While shroud is no stranger to Rainbow 6 or Call of Duty, the Canadian favourite claims R6 will always beat CoD in the competitive scene. Even though Activision's shooter series is living it large at the top of the charts, it's important to remember the lasting legacy of R6 and the hype surrounding the upcoming release of the renamed Rainbow Six Quarantine

Starting out back in the day, shroud is best-known for his time as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) player. Since then, he's branched out to play everything from Fortnite to Among Us, and has become a trusted streamer up there with the likes of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, Imane "Pokimane" Anys, and Felix "xQc" Lengyel. Despite his previous complaints about R6, shroud thinks it has CoD licked in terms of skill.


Why does shroud think Rainbow 6 is better than Call of Duty?

In a recent stream, shroud discussed the multiplayer shooter called Batallion 1944 and criticised it for its CoD-inspired aiming down sight mechanic. Grzesiek argued that this "weakens" competitive play, then went on to applaud R6. “I really do think competitive shooters that have ADS and COD-esque movement aren’t truly competitive for some reason. I feel like they struggle...I feel like the only game that it works with is Rainbow Six, but that’s just because of the depth of strategy that goes behind it. The depth of team communication and clearing stuff together, verticality, gadgets, and everything".

Shroud went on to admit things could be very different if R6 was more of a barebones experience. "Imagine if Rainbow Six didn't have any of that and was more barebones with ADS and sh*t", he said, "I just haven't seen a good competitive title with being able to aim down sights with your gun, I just haven't seen it". Despite saying he's never seen a successful ADS game, shroud admitted he doesn't know why.


Is R6 more competitive than CoD?

Shroud's latest musings are interesting, especially considering he slammed Ubisoft for adding "unnecessary features" to Rainbow Six last year. He accused developers of detracting from the competitive experience when he told fans, "Rainbow Six Siege strives itself to be a competitive tactical shooter, but then they do so many little things that are so unnecessary that people don’t notice or care for except for just ruining competitive integrity". He criticised devs for adding realism in terms of reload times, low ammo, dimmed lighting, and muffled audio. We don't know what helped shroud change his mind, but either way, he's firmly flying the Rainbow flag in 2021.

Even if shroud has put CoD's competitive play in his crosshairs, there's no escaping the popularity of the franchise. The return of the Call of Duty League in 2021 has shown the pro-scene is still invested in tournaments. Although R6 still has a big esports presence, it is largely dwarfed by the likes of CoDFortnite, and League of Legends. Ultimately, it's a matter of taste. If you're shroud, it sounds like you prefer R6 for competitive play, if you're Jordan "HusKerrs" Thomas, it's Call of Duty. At the end of the day, it's horses for courses!


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