Jessica 'Jess' Bolden, a Rainbow Six Siege analyst and commentator has quit streaming amid toxicity and assault threats.

11:15, 17 Feb 2021

Top-tier Rainbow Six: Siege analyst and commentator Jessica "Jess" Bolden has announced that she is putting a halt to her streaming career amid online abuse and toxicity. 

Also referred to as "Jessgoat", Bolden has previously worked on multiple high calibre Siege events including a variety of regional Majors and the Six Invitational. As one of the most recognised R6 personalities and indomitable face in female esports, the frequency of online abused has forced her to step away from streaming indefinitely.

The 25-year-old Australian announced her streams closure on Twitter, posting a video in which she stated: "Toxicity is a nightmare. If you were watching today, I got threatened with severe sexual assault. The N-word was raining left, right and centre".

Jess has thousands of hours streaming Rainbow Six: Siege under her belt, with her knowledge of the title being second to none. However, with the increase of toxicity in her chat channels and elsewhere online, the minority of rotten eggs have forced her offline.

She continued in the statement to say: "It’s gotten to the point where I can’t play this very easily on stream. It’s very hard to keep it together when every game you either have someone refusing to play as a team and inciting toxic behaviour… It’s become almost impossible to stream this game without feeling like it’s taking a toll on me".


Instead, we may now see Boldon edge her bets in other FPS shooters instead, bypassing the R6 community that has forced her off the game. 

After some support from fellow caster Parker "Interro" Mackay, Boldon explained that Ubisoft does have measures in place, however, the developers are "at a crossroads really" in was that they can deal with the matter further. Backing the developers somewhat, she added "They have multiple systems in the works to help combat, but even then it won't avoid queue snipers or using mic and people identifying me and acting accordingly. I just wish I was back in EU where it's easier with delay".

With the online world still more prominent than ever and no returns to LAN in the foreseeable months, it's a sad day for esports as another caster and personality has been forced off stream. 



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Image via Jess Boldon | Twitter

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