Shroud Claims DMZ Will 'Always Be Bad' Unless They Remove One Feature

Shroud Claims DMZ Will 'Always Be Bad' Unless They Remove One Feature
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Jack Marsh


25th Jan 2023 13:29

We know that DMZ mode is (by no means whatsoever) supposed to be compared to other extraction-based games like Escape From Tarkov.

This came straight from the mouths of Infinity Ward itself, but its impossible to see where the ceiling for the mode might lie without other like-minded games. 

Having become the master of this genre, streaming sensation Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek has now aired his opinions on where DMZ can go.

Having failed to be impressed by Modern Warfare 2's experiment this time around, Shroud has claimed DMZ needs to ditch one element to prevent permanent failure.

Shroud Claims DMZ Needs To Detach From Call of Duty Ecosystem

According to Shroud, the problem for DMZ is that it continues to tie into the cross-progression platforms of Call of Duty's other modes like Warzone and Multiplayer, which limits the chances of DMZ ever growing and becoming more innovative.

"What they're trying to do, and a lot of games are trying to do this, is create an ecosystem within their own game where everything like benefits each other," he said on stream.

DMZ currently shares its ecosystem with Warzone, including the map and weapons, meaning the entire game is likely to change when Modern Warfare 2 reaches its climax in 18 months' time. 

Shroud Explains Why DMZ Will 'Always' Fail

"That's like important, it is, but it's not that important. So, the problem with Call of Duty trying to make a DMZ survival extraction looter shooter bulls**t is that they're still tying into that system," Shroud continued.

"As long as they're tying into that cross-progression system, it’ll always be bad. Always always always."

The gaming guru claimed it was also this ecosystem that ruined Battlefield too, and if DMZ ever wanted to become "innovative" and "different", they would constantly be hindered by their overarching restrictions to the hive mind.

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