Shadow of the Erdtree release rumour reminds us Elden Ring exists

Shadow of the Erdtree release rumour reminds us Elden Ring exists
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Joseph Kime


10th Oct 2023 13:05

Forgive us, we've had such a busy year, some of us have forgotten that Elden Ring is expanding. There's been so much going on in the industry (especially at this time of year, when Alan Wake, Captain Price and Spider-Man himself are breathing down our necks) that it's easy to forget about Shadow of the Erdtree.

We've gone so long without any kind of update from FromSoftware about its production, or when we can expect the return to The Lands Between, it's only fair. If a new Elden Ring leak is to be trusted, we know when we'll get to learn more - and you probably could have seen it coming.

Shadow of the Erdtree rumoured for Game Awards reveal

Shocker. A new leak has touched down on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, indicating that the upcoming Elden Ring DLC could be getting a reveal in December.

The info dump comes from YouTuber Ziostorm on Twitter, who claims that sources have informed them about the game's trailer getting a full reveal at December's Game Awards. Added to this, they say it's aiming for a release date of February 5, 2024.

Although Ziostorm has a proven track record with FromSoftware leaks, they say. "Consider this just a rumor for now." If you aren't convinced, then why should the rest of us be?

Fans react to Shadow of the Erdtree release date rumour

Even though this is a mere rumour for now, the community around Elden Ring have plenty to say - and surprisingly, many are actually pretty mad about this claim. "All this time just to release a DLC, it better be a whole new 50GB game to justify this," said one.

Putting it on a collision course with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, another grumbled, "Why is everything releasing in February. I don't have time man." A third said, "2024...... Really.... Dude I can't TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!! GIVE ME THE DLC NOW!!!?"

Some aren't sure that February is the right time for the DLC to launch, and others are simply miffed they've had to wait this long for what is ultimately just an upgrade to the existing Elden Ring build. Regardless, they'll get what they're given. And we'll be stoked on it all the same.

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