Metal Gear Solid Remake ‘Leaked’ By Developer

Metal Gear Solid Remake ‘Leaked’ By Developer
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Joseph Kime


11th Oct 2021 11:04

The Metal Gear Solid series has, for now, entered cryo-sleep. Since 2015’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, fans have wondered what will be next for Punished Snake - if anything at all.

Who knows when it comes to Hideo Kojima, and considering his now shaky relationship with Konami, there are expectations that the series will continue without its original director’s input. It’s sad, but for many, it’s clear that the MGS series is too beloved and successful not to take a little further.

But, before they venture into new territory, it looks like Konami is ready to retread some old ground, as a remake of a classic title could be on the way.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Seemingly Confirmed

Reports have come to light that Konami could be working on a remake of the MGS classic Metal Gear Solid 3 - but it has since been speculated that it might not be Konami’s doing at all, and the remake’s production has been outsourced to Virtuos.

This rumour has appeared, of course, as a result of a job listing - which doesn’t explicitly reference the stealth series, but every descriptor seems to match the series perfectly. 

The listing comes from Virtuos’ lead software engineer, suggesting that their work entails working on an “unannounced 3A Action-Adventure game remake” that works in 4K and has been built from the ground up.

Many expect this title to be in reference to a remake of Snake Eater, a fan favourite instalment in the Metal Gear Solid series.

What Do Konami Have Planned For Metal Gear Solid?

Konami’s relationship with Metal Gear Solid might be a little more disenfranchised now that Kojima won’t be attached, but to remaster a fan-favourite title rather than go all-guns-blazing on a new effort is a smart move.

They’re going to need to convince long-term fans of the franchise (with many of them very much on team Kojima after the fallout) that continuing the series is the right thing to do, so before making a new game without the oversight of its creator is wise.

Who knows what could be next for the franchise in terms of story and when we’ll see Snake again yet - but it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out, and perhaps even more interesting to see how fans will react. A new Metal Gear Solid title will be controversial, however, it looks like one is coming. 


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